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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"You ban together to eat cereal"


Oh my heart. Yo sup. It's my first pee day! It should actually be poo day because I was just in the health clinic and they told me I need to get a stool sample and put it in a vile and then mix it up and give it to them. It's for my visa. Sorry, that's probably not the first thing you thought you would hear but that is how my day has been so far! I'm just doing laundry right now and then i will go to the temple. Yahoedehoe!

First off, TINA HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everyone give Tina the biggest hug for me. I love you Bombeena and you are now 12 so live it up! I hope you like Young Womens. It's pretty fun stuff. I hope you have a good birthday sweet pea.

Now, I made it. You guys I survived the first week and if I'm honest I didn't know if I would. The Empty Sea is hard stuff. Mandarin is the biggest kick in the pants that I have ever received, but I'm kicking that toned lanuguage right back. It was actually really neat. Yesterday I truly and sincerely experienced the blessings of the Gift of Tongues.I was so grateful!! I was speaking correctly and I could communicate what I wanted to say. I couldn't say everything the way I wanted to say it but  I could communicate and I could understand. And oh what a feeling that was!! It was pure joy. Yesterday was the first day that I acutally loved the MTC. I hadn't loved it until then. It's funny because it's not good days or bad days, but it's good hours and bad hours. Emotions are crazy, but I'm so grateful to be here. I'm truly starting to catch the spirit of the MTC and realize my calling. I was thinking about the Mantle of The Lord and I can feel it. I feel the responsibilities that I now have, but I don't feel alone and I don't feel like I can't accomplish these responibilites because God is so near! It's the strangest neatest feeling to feel this way.

You're all dying to hear about my companion and district. Well don't worry we get there.

If I could describe the Empty Sea I would describe it as the strangest place. It's totes 50 shades of cray man. It's funny how just praying in the middle of the halls with your companion is a normal thing. Oh the questions, so no we do not have one big prayer over the food but we do individual ones. I'm senior comp right now (just because of my name) and so I have to remind my companion to do that but I usually forget I'm getting better. Also, you can't say "you guys" I'm bad at that but I'm trying to fix it. Also Sister Emma Canfield was two doors down from me! She just left for Georgia this morning. My other two roommates left too. They are going to Taipei and were here for 13 weeks. Yikes!
And my friend Lucy Taylor is on my floor. She is the one in the picture with the sun behind us.

MOM! Do you recognize that boy?? He is BRANDON BEAN! Elder Bean is my district leader! Your student! Isn't that great. I'm so happy about my district they are finally opening up. There are 5 boys and then my comp and I. One elder is white but lived in Shanghei and one is from an island by Fiji. Super fun. Find joy in the district! I really have. They give me joy.

Okay so this email is all over the place. I write the main events on sticky notes and then put them in my journal so I don't forget what happened that day because it is suppeer cray cray how the days blur together.
So the quote in the subjuct. So funny. Everything is a weird funny here because you need to be missionary funny. So our zone decided to get together during dinner and clean out all the fruti tooties and dinococo ceral (it's like chocolate pebbles). So basically everyone ate a bowl of ceral but some of the elders ate  7. ((warning my typing is going to go to the dogs because there is no time)!!!) And we did it! We cleaned out all the ceral! They are kind of in these dispensers like the bulk candy in Macy's. Anyways a worker came over and he was kind of mad and he siad "you can't ban together to eat ceral!) it was just super funny to thing of us gather to do that but that's what we did.

I have tianshi (angels) in my zone. I have been going around calling everyone angels. I'm pretty sure that word means literal angels so it's super funny to me, but the older girls have helped me out a lot and i'm so grateful. I can't wait for the new missionaries to come in in 3 weeks so I can be a tianshi to them and help them, becuase it's tough. Friday my tongban (companion) and I had to teach an investagator in mandarin and it was tough, but on Saturday we got him to pray with us and he promised to pray that night and we gave him a pamphlet so it was pretty successful! It's just hard because he asks questions and I don't really know what he is asking. It is really humbling learning a languate and I feel it, but I know without a doubt that I can do this as long as I am obedient and relying on the Lord. I LOVE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! You guys!!! LOVE YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER! HE GIVES US SO MUCH!

Okay so my comp is from Texas. She likes to fist pump in the air when people talk about Texas. She is the one in the picture in front of the temple. The other picture is my district minus elder bean. So she is 19 and she is definitely 19 and I am definitely NOT 19 if you get what I mean so that is a little hard, but I'm trying to love her. She is very nice and she loves to sing. It was alot of fun when we were doing our service project becaue we were just singing hymns as we cleaned the railings in the gym. So many snot rockets. She has the voice of an angel. Let me quickly say music is such a blessing! I have been singing so much here. I really missed singing! I'm doing choir too and tonight there is supposed to be a special guest!!! (((GUESSES ANYONE))) And she is kind of hippieish so that is awesome becuase you know me. I kind of love that stuff. We are similar in a lot of ways. God really knows what he is doing. She is very friendly and easy gonig so I have a good time with her. I know the words to chinese and she knows how to say them well so we make a good companionship

Also I see Valeria all the time and love it!

Oh also Mam remember the Tengs? I called you when I was on a date with him? Well his dad is my 2nd councilor!! Crazy huh! Also we are in the spanish building so it's funny when people say hola and I say zai jian because that's my language!

AHH I have to go!

I love you all so much. This week away has really shown me that and has made my love for you all grow! Send me Dearelders! I''m a baby and I need them! I love you all!
Wo ai jiating (famlily) he nimen (you all)!
 I have so many funny stories but no time to tell you!!!
Bu Jiemei
With companion from TX
The District

Elder Bean

Bu Jie Mei

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