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Monday, August 26, 2013

Love, Sister Purr


The busiest week. We are so busy! We have really been working with members. First off, I love Sister Lai with a big love. It's so humbling to be her companion and I learn so much from her. She has an unstoppable determination that I love. We work really well together. We are opposites when it comes to teaching and our style of missionary work, but we are doing so well. We have been working with the less-actives a lot and we have this great new investigator who just got out of jail and wants to change her life. I can't wait to teach her this week. She fell asleep in church which was really funny to me. And then she took a picture of me. They love halfies here.

Let me tell you what I learned this week. Relationships build on trust, love, respect, and the same goal/purpose are lasting! Sister Lai and I are different but there is so much love and we are working so hard for the same thing, which is to help others change their life through Christ. Because of this our differences balance each other out and we are seeing miracles happening. We are finally meeting with less-actives and getting people to church. The work is moving. I think goals are a big part to. Goals are so important. Our life goal right now is to get back to our Heavenly Father! To learn! How great is it that we know this.

Family I love you all so much,

Sister Purr
Bu JM and Lai JM
沉思的 (Meditation) Lai JM is taught to vogue

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy Missionary

My language is the ugly stepchild of English and Mandarin. The Less actives are the goal right now. The investigators are good and progressing. Blessed be the Lord!! Sorry this is so short. 
Read Alma 26:16 and you will know how I feel.
I love you beloved family,

Sister Burr

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"We are Sister Babes in Zion"

Evening Family,

This week. THIS WEEK! First off, the new companion. To sum her up, she is me but full-Asian, not half-Asian. Kind of. She is really adorable. When she teaches she is really cute because she gets really into it. It's so good. The first English phrase I really taught her was "We are Sister Babes in Zion" so we go around saying that. VERY useful because it's only the truth. She is very determined. She is polar opposites from the trainer and  it's funny because I see now how I slowly picked up attributes from my trainer. She taught me to really listen when I'm teaching others and was the most humble missionary. I really missed her this week. It was so crazy how much I missed her. Missions are funny. You get all familiar with something and then it's just ripped away from you on move-call day. That's okay though because you adjust to the new situation with new miracles and challenges. Isn’t that life? The Clue party went good. THANKS TORI! And we got members involved and there were a lot of new people to meet. This week my Companion, Sister Lai wanted to meet the members so I took her around EVERYWHERE to meet them. She didn’t' know how to use the phone or our investigator’s list so I had to teach her. Basically this week was training her about Gangshan and it was crazy exhausting but so full of smiles and fun! It was nice to really sit down at members’ homes and meet them. I talk with them at activities and church and when they help us with lessons, but it was really good to really focus on their needs and try to help them feel our sweet Heavenly Father's love

My brother is gone! What are we to do!

My Chinese really has skyrocketed. I can't pray in English without really having to think. It really does come so don't fear baby brother.

That Chen JM that I asked you to pray for is breaking my heart! She believes it but she doesn't want to be baptized now because she doesn't want rules or limitations. She wants to live her life to the fullest she says. Doesn't she know she needs the gospel for that!?! Well that's what we are helping her see right now. I understand that though. It's hard to accept commandments and rules when you don't fully understand the meaning behind them. The meaning is love. It always comes back to love. The Lord loves us so much he gave us commandments to protect and bless us and it's an opportunity for us to show our love to him. Lucky us!

Also Sister Lai taught me you can keep the receipts in Taiwan and win money if your receipt number is picked so we did that and got 400 NT! I think this is okay! She just stepped into the shoes of Sr. Companion and has been out just one move-call more than me so we are learning together and loving it.

There is this 12 year old we are teaching and she's preparing to be baptized at the beginning of next month and I was nervous because her grandma don's like the church and her mother isn't supportive. We have really gotten the ward involved and it feels a lot better. Members are so important! They are the ones that stay and they play a big part in helping our recent converts. Every member a missionary!

Family the work is going well.
Love you all sososososos much!
Sister Burr

Monday, August 5, 2013

Movecall Madness


Ready to join me in the field? It's white and ready to harvest. Just believe that so much and so hard while you are out here because it's so true. xoxo.

So first off, please. Chen JM pray your hardest for her. She is the best one of the crop. She wants to get baptized but first needs to overcome same parental opposition. She gave me snail mucus face mask. So awesome. She has such faith and now it's time for her to use it and to get on the straight and narrow. i've been thinking of 2 Nephi 9:41 and how it really is the straight and narrow. When something is narrow you need concentration and effort to get on it and to stay on it but since it is straight you can see the goal. There are no blind curves. you know EXACTLY where you are going. Right now we need to help our investigators see how wonderful that goal of exaltation is because it is wonderful. They need that effort and faith to get on it though. C'mon!

Hey well your baby girl is staying in Gangshan and I'm getting a BENDIREN (native taiwanese) companion! You know what that means?? That means 1. she won't speak english 2. I get to teach her english hence teach her the best english phrases 3. I have a feeling it might get lonely and I'm even more exctied to pray. I love prayer. 4. my chinese is going to go crazy!

I'm feeling like I'm finally really getting lost in the work. It's so crazy how the work is taking over my thoughts, my desires, and just everything. Move call made me see how when the time comes (which is in 1 year crazy enough) it'll be so hard to leave this work and this badge, but every member a missionary!!

I love the Blickenstaffs. I love them so much. President has such a vision for this mission and such love for us. He was soso very divinely inspiredly called.

Brother, welcome abaord. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Love you all so much,
Sister Gypsy