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Monday, May 20, 2013

"I am born in Gangshan‏"

Ni hao from the Island!

Oh family it is pouring acid rain, my skirt is soaked, my toes are pruney, my legs are mosquito bit, I just ate three buns, and I love my life! I love my mission life because I love these people and Taiwan. I yell it out loud every day. It's a great way to get people to look at you so you can talk to them. 

Wow so it was so nice to talk to you last week! So much love all around. This computer place (everyone is playing W.O.W., seriously) doesn't have a place to put pictures or the recorder slot so I will send a bunch next week! So my trainer is Sister Christensen. She is great and from Logan. She knows who Meggie is! She has been out 10 months and has a Taiwanese accent and knows her stuff. I'm so grateful to be learning from her. She has been helping build this place. My area is huge! My main area is Gangshan and I have 8 secondary areas to take care of as well. They are like my babies. I love them. It reaches all the way to the west coast. There are 2 other companionships of elders, but we are the only sisters and miracles are pouring each day. Elder Bean is in my district! Funny huh.
Our apartment is super nice and yesterday we made no bake cookies. We eat out for dinner and usually lunch most days. So cheap and so good. A lot of the food is just like mom's cooking so honestly, I feel right at home. I love riding my bike. Oh the pure joy and bliss! I hope I get a helmet tan line. Let me tell you the people of Taiwan are so nice. Oh my MTC teacher opened this area for sisters. She died here as a missionary and I was born here as a missionary. I feel so privileged. My favorite pastime is to eat Taiwanese peanut butter (which is super sweet) and read the area book looking for former investigators to help and to visit.
 I saw a baptism last week and it was scary/funny. So the ward doesn't have a chapel and they meet in a building on the 4th and 8th floor. Their baptismal font is basically a little swimming pool. A big guy was getting baptized and he didn't bend his legs! Ah you! I thought he was going to smack his head! He had to do it 4 times. This Friday we have baptism for the sweetest solid girl. She can roundhouse kick someone in the face and wants to get baptized because it is a new start. Wonderful. It really is. Baptismal covenants and the sacrament are great. How lucky are we that we can renew our covenants each week.
Miracles are really happening each day. I wish I had enough time to tell you all about them. But I'll settle for one: So I am the new trainee and Sister C and I went to a curry place for dinner. Taiwan has these little holes probably 3-2 inches in diameter. I drop my bike lock keys and they bounce into the hole into the gutter! Now mind you dear family my bike is my transportation and we needed to go teach English that night at the church (we find a lot of investigators this way). I was in a pickle! Sister C and I ran around looking for a wire that we could fish the keys out. We go to a guy and he lets us use his pole that he closes his garage with. He said, “you can use it, but if you don't bring it back I can't close my shop" I thought that was hilarious. Anyways, we were walking back and I was thinking, God thinks he's super funny right now I can't wait to see how this turns out! Family always trust God. He is GOD and number 1. So we are trying to fish out the keys and one guy buys me a magnet, another guy gets on his belly and moves the drain cover nearby and starts fishing in the gutter with HIS HAND!!! And a lady comes to help! I had a crowd of Taiwanese angels coming to my aid. Finally a lady comes and says I'll just bring you a lock smith and leaves. She does and he breaks the lock for FREE. Then Sis. C and I are riding back in a hurry and the lady that got the lock smith yells at us to pull us over. She wants to come to English class! She does and then we are setting up to meet now. That's why I dropped my keys. We needed to meet her. God is funny. Very funny, but we can always trust him. I've learned to really trust him. The language is man man lai (coming slowly) it's humbling.
Helaman 5:12 - Jesus is the rock
Read all the verses to "How Firm a Foundation" Christ will never forsake! I have felt that so strongly! TRUST TRUST TRUST! My life is a missionary and it's awesome.
I love you all so much!
Love Sister Burr
ps can you send my baptism picture, more family pictures of us or whatever, I don't need anything else! I love yo!
pss mom I teach the little kids English. Got any ideas for the little ones?

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