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Monday, May 6, 2013

"These are days to be remembered"

Loved ones,


Wow so in less than 20 hours I will be en route to the land of acid rain and MA PEOPLE! Valeria said it is super rainy right now. I can't wait to wear rain pants over my skirt. I’m so ready for this. I'm so pumped up right now. This is mainly due to a couple of reasons 1. Chad Lewis (our own Cedar Hills hero) spoke last night for Sunday Devotional. Man! I hadn't heard the words dude, awesome, you guys (you are supposed to refer to people as Sister and Elder), man, and so forth in so long. I really felt like it was a locker room pump up talk and now it's time to hit the field because it is white. The Lord has prepared a way! 2. In-Field Training on Thursday talked about what we would be doing in the field and the man that was in charge went to Taichung so it was amazing to hear his stories about the mission!

Also, I'm not scared. I'm a little nervous because I'm doing the real thing now but Jacob 5:72. I have been loving Jacob 5 lately. It's my life right now! Laboring with the Lord. And D&C 84:88. The Lord will be with us! Forge ahead. You xinxin, you banfa. Have faith, have a way.

Well Jai you!
I will talk to you all tomorrow!
Sister Burr
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