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Monday, August 26, 2013

Love, Sister Purr


The busiest week. We are so busy! We have really been working with members. First off, I love Sister Lai with a big love. It's so humbling to be her companion and I learn so much from her. She has an unstoppable determination that I love. We work really well together. We are opposites when it comes to teaching and our style of missionary work, but we are doing so well. We have been working with the less-actives a lot and we have this great new investigator who just got out of jail and wants to change her life. I can't wait to teach her this week. She fell asleep in church which was really funny to me. And then she took a picture of me. They love halfies here.

Let me tell you what I learned this week. Relationships build on trust, love, respect, and the same goal/purpose are lasting! Sister Lai and I are different but there is so much love and we are working so hard for the same thing, which is to help others change their life through Christ. Because of this our differences balance each other out and we are seeing miracles happening. We are finally meeting with less-actives and getting people to church. The work is moving. I think goals are a big part to. Goals are so important. Our life goal right now is to get back to our Heavenly Father! To learn! How great is it that we know this.

Family I love you all so much,

Sister Purr
Bu JM and Lai JM
沉思的 (Meditation) Lai JM is taught to vogue

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