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Monday, July 21, 2014

New and exciting

Dear dear family,

Wow. Taiwan has been home for 15 months and it really feels like it. I love it still. San min is such a wonderful place. It's strong. It's a stake and it has families and a chapel and strong leaders. It's amazing. It feels so different from the branch I was in before and I atone that to priesthood power. I mean it! Places are just lighter and just have a glow about them when there are more worthy Melchizedek. It's somewhere in the bible I think but my Mission President once said, every time a worthy priesthood holder gets the Melchizedek priesthood and uses it worthily, Satan influence and power is that much less. It is such a contrast from my last place and I'm excited to see what can be done here.

Let me just tell you about my dear companion for a second.  She is amazing. Absolutely amazing. A pure angel in the literal sense. I feel like we have had some powerful lessons together. It's like I'm just sitting under a tree in the shade and just soaking in the influence of her spiritual power. She is such a powerful, real, concise teacher. The way she explains the gospel is so real and makes sense. She is just so amazing. I feel like she is teaching me in lessons. I'm so excited that I can learn so much from her. We were in the MTC together. I've been around trainees and 3rd move call missionaries since my trainer I forget what it is like to teach with older missionaries and do the work with them. It's just super powerful. It'll be a good last movecall. And it's already starting that way. We have some wonderful investigators that we are working with. One is named Lumos (yes off of harry potter) and has been prepared by good for the past 7 years or so. She brought a friend to church with her this Sunday! Also this 11-year old Tiffany who doesn't have a mom and is so mature for her age but seems pretty lonely too. She cried when we prayed with her because she was partly scared by the Spirit. It was really neat.

I feel like I've learned a lot about visions and goals this week. I was thinking a lot about expectations because everyone asks you what you expect from your mission and what you expect of this and that.  I learned that in order to have expectations we first need to have action. In order to expect miracles we need to be looking for the Lord in the work. In order to expect baptisms we need to find and teach. In order to expect answers we need to ask. In order to expect success we need goals. I love that because it shows that we don't blindly expect these things. We use the faith to get them and work.

Family. I love you lots.
Sister Burr

1. We have sombreros in our apartment. This is our duanchuan. She is a 16-year old who did missionary work with us for a week and lived with us. Sooo tiring. Wow. But also I learned a lot from her and it reminded me what it feels like not being a full time missionary and sharing the gospel. I feel like it's easier in a way with a tag that everyone can see because when people see that they expect it from you. It's harder when we are just in our everyday lives, but it is doable or the Lord wouldn't have commanded that of us.

2. My dear dear companion and Zhong (he helped Penelope out when she was investigating). Sister Johnson permed her hair last p-day. The prettiest long hair.

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