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Monday, July 28, 2014


Dearest Family,
This week was so good! A lot of good things happened and a lot of good things were seen. First off I love doing exchanges. We got a chance to do two of them this week. I feel like I learn so much from these sisters. There is always something to be learned from the people you are around. The first one went well except that she is trunkier than me and she counted down the days for me. I haven't even come near to doing that, but oh well it's just the next step. We got to do missionary work in the pouring rain of a typhoon. Yes. The first typhoon finally hit, but it wasn't bad. There was just pouring rain and so much beautiful lightning and thunder. The next exchange was with a trainee who is just so cool. She stands on horses and does rodeos.

I was so sore this past week because last p-day Sister Johnson and I went to do Taekwondo for 3 hours with high schoolers. It was so fun! We met a Taekwondo teacher and he invited us to his gym. It was so fantastic but he was so crazy. This p-day I was able to see 2 of my old companions Sister Lai and Sister Rohlfing along with some people from Daya. It was so nice to see how Penelope has grown. She got her patriarchal blessing, is going to institute, and sharing the gospel with friends. I'm so amazed each time I see her. One perk of being on your last move call is you get to call all of your RCs whenever so I've been able to keep in contact with them a lot recently.

I've been reading in the New Testament lately and am in Paul's ministry. I read the part that talks of the people worshiping Zeus and Athena and all the Greek Gods. I love Greek mythology. Absolutely love it along with the history of Egypt and their beliefs but reading and studying about them never made me want to start believing in these religious ways. I was talking about it with my companion because she is the same way. A lot of people see religion as a culture thing or something interesting so they study and learn about it and just want to better understand what it is people believe and why exactly they believe it. That’s a big reason why a lot of people here will meet with us, but unlike Greek mythology and Egyptian culture when people learn about the Gospel they are able to feel the spirit (like Alex said!) and they realize

that this is something different. It's not just some western culture thing that teaches about Christ but rather it is God's teachings. Teaching the gospel has such a powerful effect on people it is such a blessing to be sharing it!

Lumos: Our darling Lumos had a miracle happen and she was able to come to church Sister Lin: getting baptized next week. She overcame her concerns about the restoration through sincere prayer and BoM reading. That's the trick every time.

Love you all,
Have a good good week
Love Sister Burr xoxo
This is Micky and Penelope from Daya. We went out to eat at this yummy pasta place today. They look like little cute girls! Micky will be coming to BYU in a year so that will be exciting to see her again.
We made Cinnamon rolls with these ladies. They kept saying "oh it's too sweet" but just gobbled them up.

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