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Monday, August 4, 2014

Move Call of Miracles

Dear Family,

This past week was so good! It started off with some really good exchanges with the sisters and then on Thursday we got to spend the day in Taizhong again with Mission Leadership Council. I love being able to hear the advice and council that President Blickenstaff gives. Every time we have meetings I feel so lifted and inspired to do better. We are working on a "No companionship left behind" week where we want to get 3 new investigators for everyone. I hope it lifts the unity of the zones. We are over two zones, seven companionship. So we have lots of traveling to do. Sister Johnson and I had a gooood fun week. Oh Thursday we had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch the only train that would take us to Taizhong on time. We were so sleepy and slept through the alarm and automatically woke up at 6:30 and realized what happened. We scrambled and got out the door in 7 minutes and then got to the train station. There was no train to take us to the meeting. We were dooomed, but then the train man looked at us and said "have you thought of the gao tie"? It's a super expensive fast train that can go from Gaoxiong to Taizhont in 40 minutes. Super fast. Look it up. We had no choice! We got on it and it was so expensive but we made it to the meeting on time. It was so classy. It was like an airplane and airport.

We have seen so many big miracles. Lin JM got baptized this last Saturday and Lumos is preparing for hers this next Saturday. IT's AMAZING. Her faith is so strong. She couldn't come to church because of work, but we have been fasting and praying with her and so has the ward and this last Sunday she came for all three hours and now she is good to go. Her faith was so strong from the start. In the Asian Area you need to go to church three times, twice for 3 hours in your own ward than you can be baptized. We thought about asking president if she could skip that requirement but decided against it because this was a chance where she could strengthen her faith and God could give her a miracle. And it happened!  Never take the shortcut or you might be skipping out on your chance for God to give you a miracle. I love you all and thanks for all the support!

Sister Burr
Lin JM
So pricey ...

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