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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

" My name is Sister Burr. I am married to this work, and haha ah it treats me like a queen"

Beloved Beloveds,

Sorry this will be shorter.

A 'tousand blessin's on you all! My heart is overflowing with love right now. Thank you so much for the  birthday wishes and all the good sweet things that you did for me. I am far too overly blessed. xoxoxoxo

Now: How is ceramics class going? Did you finish my pots? Melissa took on the task not dad? Tori graduates! Alex's Mission call! Mom graduates! Wow the life is moving on. Also I can't print pictures at the MTC so maybe (dad) can you print the pictures that you sent me? I love them so much. I was born into a family of royal joys. Thank you for the yoga book and treats! My zone loved them and I'm planning on leading the elders and sisters in a yoga routine mixed with my old dance warm ups. I'm so excited. If I don't do school the semester I get back I'll get registered to teach yoga. Dad is my picture board by my shrine? I love that. So glad the St. G conference went well. LOL at Alex's mission story

Birthday: Now I was hoping that President Nally would send me a birthday dearelder, but no luck. No fear though! Because my comp has 1000 cousins and comes from the largest family and they could populate a town, she has uncles that know the Nally's (the MTC president) so he invited us into his office for a little chat and hug and handshake. What a joy. Thank you so much for all you did for me. I wish that I could send you things. I feel too spoiled. I was queen for the day so I kept doing the sign language sign for it (I sit by the missionaries learning sign language sometimes so I can pick it up). I had a crown from Burger King that a missionary found and a ribbon that once said birthday boy but blessed be they changed it to birthday girl! (I'll send pictures if I can find a picture thing). I was sung to and my companion was an angel and had the hall throw a little surprise party! I went to brush my teeth (the diamond is still intact. NO FEAR) and when I got back to my dark room There was a yell and confetti everywhere! xoxo! We left the confetti for a couple days. Thank you again. xoxo

Family love: I am so blessed to be in this family. Let me share a story. So I was in line to get some ice cream (oh p.s. don't worry. I'm still a triple F  (fierce, fit and fabulous) everyone is worried about gaining weight at the MTC but it's like whatevs and I still got my headstand and my backbend) and this sister came up to me. She knows Aunt Janet and told me the things Janet and grandma and grandpa did for her. She felt like family right there on the spot (p.s. aunt Janet if you read this can you send me her email? I just want to wish her luck I think you know who she is!). I come from a family of service and I see it in my parents and all. Thank you for your examples!

3 weeks 2 pdays stircrazy: Valeria leaves in a week! I'll miss her because we have a lot of fun together and It's just so nice to talk to her. she was a  genius and wrote down recipes!

Devotionals: The devotional Sunday was so neat! Greg Droubay spoke and he campaigns for the church. The Lord is hastening his work quicker than we know. Isn't it great to think that everything we have God gave us for a reason. Even twitter, instagram, and the ol' FB. These can be tools to further the Lord's work if you use them that way! Also, the most firecracker of a woman spoke in Relief Society. She served 4 months in Taiwan some 50 years ago. She was what having the spirit is. She was joyous and spoke truth and just oozed out love! I'm so thankful that I'm here 9 weeks! I get to see 18 devotionals! How lucky! And I realize I have so much to learn each day.

Alex Surprises: So the highlight of my week was seeing that brother of mine! Let me tell you a tale of a Sunday afternoon walk: Sister Graham and I go off to the temple. suddenly her brother appears! Oh the joy! Oh that I were an angel! It was so sweet to see. Sibling love is good love. So is family. There is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name xoxo. I thought oh sweet man I wish I could see Alex. He had been on my mind because he is about to join this work! He'll be in the same Zone in my MTC. I gave the presidency a heads up. Anyways I'm thinking this then BAM! My brothers face which is my face but boy version. I died. Alex it was so good to see you. I'm so proud of the man you are. From Ke$ha to MacMore. xoxo The sweetest blessing. It was funny though I saw him and then I thought okay now back to work. My life is a mission right now and sometimes it really hits me and I can hardly comprehend it. It's a very strange feeling

I get 4 new roomies so 6 girls to a room! this is the third group of girls that have lived with us. Exciting!

Okay have a Christ filled day!
I love you all
Never Shrink!
Sister Manny

Birthday Sister
Where are they going?

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