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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Happy Tragedy of Life Pt.2

To the family of whom I ADORE,
Hello it is me, your missionary daughter who leaves this country in 2 weeks. My stomach is freaking out about this.

xoxoxoxo to the end of time and eternity because we can and it's one of the most wonderful blessings.
Whoa! whoa man, time out. Lets talk about your week really quick. Tori and Mom graduated. My brother is now 19. Missy is turning 12. Spring is really blooming. School is almost out. How wonderful! Yay for all of this! I wish that I was a little angel on your shoulder and could see all that was happening. How fantastic! Know I love you all!

Tori: Thanks for the divaness sissy! The best part is it came with a little bag and pin! Haha, I'm dying about it and so are the sisters on my floor. They all want to know how it goes and Sister Chao thought it wouldn't work.  You da best. And thanks for pimping my pod. I am so happy you found the Pocohantas one you little hunter of all things! Ps by the time you read this you should be done with finals right!? Oh sissy! You will look like a gliding graduate when you walk Friday.
Mom: The cutest outfit! Thank you for the dress and the cardy. Everyone loved the outfit and I told them you picked it out. You're hip mom you're hip! I'll send you the pictures of it! It fits great. I Think of you all the time. Mommy I know there is a Fung in Taiwan just waiting for me to teach her. I think of your strength often! Good luck with graduation and ROFLs and LoLz about that UVU thing that everyone left.
Let me update you on the life of Sister Burr. So a happy tragedy occured. The older generation has left and I'm like this  :(  but also this  >_<(//)  because they are headed off to Taiwan! I will really miss sister Valeria Chao and the older girls. I got really close with them and they have been here my whole MTC stay and now they are gone! I almost feel like a chicken with its head cut off without them. I saw them off at 4 am because we had to make a companionship with a girl that doesn't leave till Wednesday. My heart feels like it's going to explode. I love them all so much and I love everyone here. It's so easy to love everyone (even the annoying ones) because we are all working on the same thing together trying to further this work and it creates a wonder bond like hikers hiking on a trail.You go at different paces but you are all trying to reach the peak and all have a special hiking bond. I miss the outdoors. I ACHE for the outdoors. Oye! I can't wait till the field is opened.
Elder Scott: Don't mind this but Elder Scott came to talk to us last week! An angel of angels. He gave us an Apostalic blessing. He really emphasized that our calls were not coincidence and we are going where we need to go. Alex, get ready to have a wave of love hit you during devotionals. I do know Taiwan is where I need to be and I know that I will feel that more strongly when I get there. I testify sweet family that he is an apostle and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. How lucky are we too have a prophet to follow.
Oh and BYU men's chorus sang at Sunday devotional!

MTC Star: So guess who is in the video that all new MTC teachers have to watch. My district and this Sister! Yes. And today at 4 they are doing a MTC focus group they wanted my companionship to be in. I think it's because of the ethnic diversity. Or they saw my dazzling diamond smile and fell in love. idk.
Companionships: So I forgot if I told you this but I started out as a tricompanionship but Sister Choy was moved up because she was advanced. Then it was Sister Graham and I for 7 weeks. Now I got a new companion and she is the biggest blessing and the most amazing person. We connect. It's so nice to  connect with a companion. Sister Graham and I don't quite connect, but I love and care for her and we are a good companionship. The new comp is Sister Chang. She is an Aussie so she is sweet as and heaps good and not daggy and stuff (Aussie slang. YOLO).  She is a convert and now she wants to spread the good word. She is the only one in the family and she reminds me of you mommy. xoxo. It's a different dynamic teaching with 3 now and not 2 but I like it. she speaks madarin pretty fluently so she is a lot of help. she is with me because she wanted to learn more gospel terms. I love her so much and she shares her Tim Tams.
Ask me why I love everyone? Becasue I have a whole lot of love to give! (cred to Macy). Really though, I love all of the people I have met. There are amazing people here. One of my favorties is a sweetie who runs with me and we have the greatest talks.

People: Mommy, I ran into a  Brendon Bennet. He is in my zone and said he met you at Uncle Wesley and Ruth's. Wesley's granddaughter is on my floor! I forget her first name but she has two older brothers. Sometimes I hear someone calling  Sister Burr and it's her not me and we get mixed up. This usually occurs in the bathroom. Also I ran into Kitty Lam's son, I'll send a picture AND Tessa Montrose AND Bruce! I saw Bruce and Will at TRC. It was so nice.
TRC: Wo hen ai TRC. Mommy, come to TRC Saturday mornings so I can teach you but don't really because I don't want to shame you with my Chinese. Shame upon the ancestors. I'm trying to draw on their power. Guess who I taught at TRC. ETHER TAM? Dao gao! I love teaching at TRC 1. because they help you with words 2. it's so nice to talk gospel with some sweet people who gave up their time to help out a lowly mandarin missionary.
I LOVE MANDARIN! I simply love this language and just want to study it so hard. It's so beautiful and wonderful how you can break apart words and find meanings through knowing the characters.

I'm leaving: Hold up. Is this real life? Am I going to live in Taiwan in two weeks? YES YES YES. But more importantly, I am going to be able to teach the sweeties of Christ. I can't wait for this. God's Asian children are ready and he loves them so much. That is why he made so many of them. I feel a little distracted but very content. I'm getting a little comfortable but trying not too. I love to just study the language and PMG but mostly the Book of Mormom. I didn't know how much my love and testimony of that book can grow. I was so blind to the truths in it before. It's a goldmine!
Well this is my second to last email from the Empty Sea!
I'm doing so well and just so excited about this work.
God Speed!
Love Sister Burr

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