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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"I love learning about small culture"

Subject quote:
JOY IN THE DISTRICT! I'll shout it till my heart stops because it is so true. I find pure joy in these young elders that I'm with. I'm a sucker for a good laugh and they keep them coming. ESPECIALLY Elder Bean (mom this is your student Brandon Bean). The other day in class we were learning grammar and it turned into Taiwan culture 101. My teacher told us that when the people in Taiwan greet each other they say, "chi bao le ma?" Which basically says have you eaten? and that's kind of how they say "what's up?" So we were discussing this and then Elder Bean who is this 18 year old young lad who will be a young man in due time clasps his hands together and says, " oh I love learning about small culture." We all kind of looked at him and just started laughing because with the context  it sounded like he was calling Taiwan culture small culture because Asians are so tiny! But he was saying he likes learning a little bit about the Taiwanese culture. Funny right? Yeah. Pure pure sweet joy from these young saps.

Daddy you asked about my district. I love them so much. There are two elders going to San Fran mandarin speaking. Sister Graham and I are the only sisters. And then there is a tri-companionship and they are going to Taichung. The district get distracted easily but I think we are the closest in our zone already. There's lots of love and I think it's because we are so small we are able to get to know each other well. There is also much mischief going on. One Elder has been scolded for flirting (my companion has too. No surprise there and I say that with love), they have been scolded because  as a joke they were voting for the new District Leader. That probably wasn't the best and it was in good fun but they had a good talking to from the Branch President. The greatest mischief is the secret combination they have created. I didn't take part of this but they turned my innocence into their sign!  Now think of me and think of the way I love to put my hand under my chin when I want to be cute or when I just talk. Well they took that and turned it into the sign for their secret combination! As I said all in good fun. They are good Elders. The secret combination is basically for four square. Which I have been queen of for about 7 rounds once, but I think it's because they go easy on the sisters. We ban together when we play four square and try to get everyone not in our district out. I usually set them up. It's good. Joy and love.

HOW WAS EASTER? What a joy. I kept with tradition and drank out of the hallow bunny. I hope you all did too! I made Sis. G do it too. We are growing closer which is nice. God is really teaching me patience and I'm so thankful for that. I know that he knows what I need and what we all need. He is very aware of us and he places us in situations for our maximum growth and development and he does not leave us alone. What a joy this spring weather is! I love me some good rain and sun and there has been plenty of that. I in fact got my first sunburn of the year! I was studying outside for two hours and didn't move. The burn is gone now. I heal quick, but I sent a picture! Easter was fantastic, but first let me say I got 4 new roommates and the MTC is very crowded now. Word on the street is 1000 new missionaries are coming in tomorrow and 10 new Mandarin speakers! WOW Can you believe I've been here a month! Yikes and hooray for the knowledge I've gained! I've been a missionary for a month and  I thought of what I've learned. I felt worried for a quick second because I thought I hadn't learned much, but I have. I appreciate and understand the gospel more than ever. I think my growing  appreciation is one of the greatest things because it's fueling my desire to teach and help others so much more than before. How lucky are we to know what we know. Mom and Dad if you can get a Preach my Gospel get it and read it with the family. It's SO good! It teaches doctrine so clearly and simply. This Gospel is straight forward and that is what I love about it. It holds simple truths that once we understand we build on and we understand so much more. How lovely. I can't wait for the new mandarin speakers because I can't wait to help someone and take her under my wing. A sister did that for me and I'm forever grateful. I only hope I can be that for someone  else. Oh and apparently Rain Tree is going to hold missionaries and they are building a cafeteria there. wow this work. How exciting! Family just think what God has in store! There are so many sister missionaries it's amazing. We fill up about more than half  of the  gym for relief society. I think someone said there are 40% girls here or something. I don't know if that's true but if it is huzzah! How wonderful are the 18 and 19 year old sweeties that decided to serve when the call was extended last October. That's so amazing of them. The work is moving forward.

Now Easter, was an MTC dream. First off we had sacrament with the whole MTC and it was one of the largest (5 sacrament tables, over 3000 missionaries) eva and one of the sweetest. I had never felt such understanding and gratitude for my Savior. He's the reason I'm able to be a missionary and to have the strength to do this. It's not me. It's Him and I know it. Bishop Gerald Causse of the Presiding Bishopric spoke of Christ and it was wonderful. He really helped us understand that through Christ is salvation and as missionaries we hold the salvation of others in our hands. Step it up right! And then it was really neat. We had fast and testimony meeting as a branch and I just had to bare testimony. I was going to then Bishop Causse walked in because he was just checking out the testimony meetings! How cool! So I got up and bore my testimony IN MANDARIN. Yes. It's true. And it was sweet because my vocabulary is so small it was so easy to speak the simple truths of ma heart. And that day my heart was soo full towards my savoir. Then Sheri Dew talked at night. WHAT A WOMAN. Someone needs to snatch her up. She hit hard on relying on Christ. She also said you know you're a successful missionary if you love the Lord more than anything when you come back than whatn you loved before. That rings true for all of us. We need to love God more than anything.


I hope you are all doing well. How was Spring Break? The fun birthdays of April are coming up! Wow mom and Tori graduating! Tell me more via dearelders. Those are best. Love you so.

Don't forget to pray every night and day and see the tender merices in life. TENDER MERCIES!

Bu Jie mei

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