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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy Busy Bees

Sweet Family,

1. I went to the Temple today! (so this letter is going to be short
sorry) Wow. That was the first time in 6 months. It was so sweet and
such a blessing to be able to go. I hope you all go this week. Also it
was fun to see Taibei and ride on a bus and watch 17 miracles, Joseph
Smith movie, and On the Lord's Errand. It was movie overload

2. Small Xie got baptized! Wow. She is the most cuddly person to hug.
I love hugging her. Also when she bore her testimony at her baptism
she started off by saying "fuyin bu cuo" which is "the gospel is not
bad". I got a good kick out of it. She's good but didn't get confirmed
Sunday because she had to take care of her grandma at the hospital so
i'm just a little nervous until she gets that full baptism of fire.

Wow. Parents what a wonderful week you had. Are you back in America?
What an experience to see the places of the Book of Mormon. We have
been super busy. The work has exploded. Not just in our companionship,
but the district! It's on FIRE as people like to say. The members are
getting involved immensely and it reeally has opened up our
investigators pool. Every member a missionary. I'll say it over and
over. Everyone can share the gospel. Just live it. I've been thinking
a lot about prayers of faith and how powerful a prayer is when we
truly believe that when we do it we will indeed get an answer or that
God will hear it. I love making promises to investigators. I love
telling them they CAN know for themselves if God is there, if this
Book of mormon is true and not just hubabaloo. It's really powerful to
really believe these promises that I make I've come to find out.
Prayers of faith. They are great. Sorry this doesn't have much, but we
dont' have much time. I'll email again on Monday.

Alex: if you want more stickers I can send them. We just got new
stickers! And how are the CD's?
Mom: Thank you thank you!
Tori: thank you thank you!
Dad: Thank you thank you!!
Sister Burr

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