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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving - TNTIT (There's no turkey in Taiwan)‏

Sweet Family,
Hello hello! Greetings from Taiwan. This week is so exciting. On
Wednesday we are going to have Elder Funk from the 70 speak with us
and then on Friday I'm teaching the ward how to make pumpkin pie and
then on Saturday we are going to have a Thanksgiving activity and we
are going to teach them football, turkey hands, give them thanksgiving
food, and then give them Book of Mormons to hand out to their friends.
O_0. What better way to show you are thankful for the gospel then
sharing it right? Are you doing the Thanksgiving talent show this
week? I was banking on it so I attatched a message and me singing some
Christmas songs so you can include that in the program! I'll give you
the real deal next Christmas/Thanksgiving. I'm so happy to be serving
at this time in this Thanksgiving season. They don't celebrate
Thanksgiving or Christmas so there are absolutely no decorations or
anything, but that makes it more the exciting to introduce Christ into
their lives.
The work is going awesome. Sister Xie got the Holy Ghost this Sunday
and wore sweatpants under her skirt because she was cold. She's so
awesome. Wow. I love her and I love how willing she is to follow God.
She asks questions but she never questions God. We are working with a
Sister Liao. She is 23 and her mom died this April, and we have been
working with her for about 3 weeks now. She had no background before.
We were teaching her the 10 commandments which usually there's not too
big of a problem with teaching it, but with the first one (No graven
images or other Gods) kind of threw her off balance because her daoist
background teaches there are tons. She asked how you really know which
one is the true God and how do you worship Him. After discussing and
sharing she came to realize that yeah we just have one true God and
there are other things in this world that are good but not God. One of
the blessinsgs of the gospel is knowing WHO (romans 10:14) we worship
and HOW (DC 93:13) to worsihp Him. We worship a loving Heavenly Father
who is our God. We trust and love him and follow his commandments!
Penelope is still a work in progress. she is progressing on her own
time and her own time is slowly, but that's not a worry. This week she
really opened up. She has a problem with one of the commandments
because she doesn't understand how a loving God doesn't allow same sex
relationships.This is a problem in Taiwan that we've run into a couple
times because it's so common . Yeah, try explaining all that IN
CHINESE. No worries we did expalin it, she definitely felt the spirit
in that lesson. It was so strong as Sister Park and I were able to
testify of God and of the Plan of Salvation and the love he has for
all of us. So many people wonder if there is a God because of all the
things that happen in the world. The wonder if he is in fact merciful
and loving because of sickness, hunger, and unjustices. Through the
gospel, especially the Plan of Salvation we know who he is, our
relationship with him, and how to get back to him. People dont'
understand why he gives us these commandments or rules to guide our
lives and I really feel that as we better understand this Plan we
better understand why we have these commmandments that don't limit our
freedeom but lovingly guide us to have a fullfilling life. The
underlying principle is our relationship with God. He loves us so he
gave us commandments to protect us. We love him so we follow what he
says. Bad things happen and sometimes life is rough. I was reading Our
Search For Happiness by Elder Ballard. SO GOOD. He said taht bad
things in life happen just like bad things in nature happen. The
plates slip and an earthquacke happens. It's nature its the way it is.
When we came to this life we accepted those rules of nature and one is
sometimes life gets rough. We do ahve some control thoguht. That's
where agencey comes in. The blessed blessed gift of agency! I always
think of that "our turn on earth song". so good. That's why we have
commandments. God gives us those so he can guide us to use our agency
wisely to be blessed and protected. I love using the analogy of
commandments as guardrails. Just picture it you're in Zions and you're
going up Angel's Landing (Angels Summer 2014!) driving at superspeed.
There's so many cliffs, but no worries. You have those guardrails to
guide you and keep you safe. Sometime life comes at super speed and we
don'ot even realize where we're going or what we are doing BUT as long
as we follow the commandments of God we can know we will be safe and
guided to be where we need to be. Woof! Definietly a missionary here.
Love talking gospel.
THNAKSGIVING! Tell me about it! I am so thankful for the love and
support. You are my number 1 family!
I love you all so much! Eat an extra piece of pumplkin pie for me!
Your Daughter
True Companionship Love
The District

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  1. where can I see this talent show video??? I can only imagine how great it must be!