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Monday, January 20, 2014

Errand of Angels

Hey Guys,

It's manic movecall day! Thankfully with training, I know that we aren't moving so we can rest. Sister Rohlfing and I decided to go crazy for p-day and take a nap. It was the BEST thing. Wow! I'm telling you, I think I can sleep for a whole p-day and not even buy groceries and not mind at all. I love Sister Rohlfing sososo much. We laugh so hard all the time, my cheeks and stomach are always sore but we have learned so much about the work and have worked so hard together too. That's a fun companionship. Fun and hard work. I love it! It's super super windy here in DaYa and there are a lot of hills too. The other day we were riding up this hill out to visit one of our RCs and this humungous gust of wind just hit us and our bikes got all wobbling and we just started laughing and we had sweet potato fries and a fruit drink hanging on our handlebars and I was positive we were going to blow away and just hit a car and it just made us laugh harder and then we couldn't breathe so we couldn't ride up the hill and our fries flew off the handlebar and it was just so funny to me. That's how the days are usually. Things like that. So much fun but of course so much hard work.

We dropped in a couple families (Zhen, Wu, and Chen) this week and honestly I'm scared/nervous because they are FAMILIES. Real FAMILIES where husband and wife and kids want to learn. Wow! The Lord is so kind. It's the good scared/nervous though. It's the one that turns us to rely on the Lord and do it His way.

Remember how I mentioned about that purifying project that we are doing? Well, let me tell you a little more about it. Sister Rohfling and I just wanted to purify ourselves of anything that would distract from the spirit of the work. Then we read this talk called "Consecrated Missionary". Wow! Wake up call and so powerful (Baby bro, I'm going to mail that one and another your way). So we started our project purification but didn't really know how to do it.  Then that next week in Zone Training Meeting our Zone Leaders gave us this other talk called "Project Purification" where it tells you exactly how! Wow right? So we started. We fasted and prayed to know what we needed to change and to add in our lives and then wrote it down but wow! This past week everything I wrote on that list to drop, I did. I felt like this last week, I was just the worst spazzy unspiritual missionary, but I know that's not completely true. What really happened was I was noticing what needed to change. It was really nice and I know a lot of progression will come from it but man is it hard. I felt like the last week I was just messing up with it everywhere. Sister Rohfling had the same feelings so we voiced it and fasted and started over because I realized what happened. We were relying on ourselves. When we want to make changes like that we really need the Lord. It's like what it was in PMG when it says that Christ like attributes are gifts from God and we need his help to obtain them. We turned to the Lord and prayed for strength constantly and yeah the temptations are still there but it like we are more focused on our end goal and we can quickly avoid the temptations. It's awesome AND with that is coming the blessing of spiritual power. Wow! The work is going wonderfully right now.

So, Penelope. Our sweet miracle. Wow! Gospel truth, testimony and the Spirit really can  melt the  hardest of hearts. So, where I left off was we were meeting with her and she flipped a coin to know if she needed to get baptized (right after we had shared Alma and Corrihor and asking for signs to know God exists! c’mon!!). We humored her and let her do it. I picked heads and she picked tails and it landed on tails which meant she wouldn't take the goal of February 25 (I promise my work isn't always like this. All sloppy and crazy). We got the most peaceful feeling because baptism really was her choice. Her fate didn't lie in a COIN. Agency! The golden gift! She really softened right then and then she said she’d pray about the goal which is something she has never done. The next morning she called during comp study and I was so scared I threw the phone at Sister Rohlfing and had her answer it. I'd been rejected by that girl 6 times with the baptismal invite. We answered and said that on the 25th she wanted to get baptized! WHAT! Yes. We asked why and she said because she’s going to start following the feelings of her heart and stop using all the thoughts in her head. The past two weeks before that Wednesday night her heart was telling her to believe in Heavenly Father and be baptized to follow him and her mind was saying no, but in the end the spirit won. She passed her interview and now on the 25th she is going to use her faith and courage to covenant with her Father in Heaven. I love her so much and admire her bravery and faith. She is so, so scared. She doesn't completely know, but she feels it's true and she hopes. God knows every one of His children so well. The fights not over with her so please pray for her! Thank you. Man, I love her so much. You know how some people say they came out for just one person? She feels like that person to me. She met with missionaries in the past 3 years 3 times before. She told me "God is so smart because he sent me you" woof, and I just said everything I did was what God wanted me to do for her and he was just showing his love through me. Which is so true. He uses us as his tools her on earth. On mission and off mission. We sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives in sacrament meeting this Sunday and woof, was the spirit strong. Penelope ran out just crying because she was so TOUCHED! Touched by an angel. Wow.

Well that was a novel. There are so many other miracles to write about like the Zhen family who met the missionaries 10 years ago and still remember the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They still have one! Wow. We are teaching them now. They listen so intensively it's amazing!

I love you all and hope you have a good week. WE HAVE A GOD AND HE LOVES US!
Love you all,
Sister Burr
Sweet Penelope
Sister Rohlfing is so afraid of kids. They were attacking her for the piñata candy. SO FUNNY. We had a piñata at our New Year Theme English party. She just became English leader today. After 9 months of being English leader I've given up the crown very graciously.

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