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Monday, January 27, 2014

Alma 29:9" I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it...and this is my joy"‏

For starters,

A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TWO LOVED ONES! Daddy and Tori Happy Birthday. Both days during personal study I wished you both a happy birthday. Hoped you felt that influence and I can't believe you are both one year older and wiser too.

So what are you all doing for the Chinese New Year’s? I'll tell you what I'll be doing. Eating so much. I'm so excited. The members of Daya are the nicest and so kind to missionaries. From Wednesday of this week to the next we have dinner and lunch just booked! We have two dinners on one day. Yikes! There goes my figure along with chuaning the jiao. I hope we can really use this time to strengthen and just be with the members and just love them so much. I'm so excited.

Wow. This week was a great one again. This morning sister Rohlfing and I went over to the most gorgeous flower field and took Asian glamor shots. I hope you love that one. xoxo So Penelope got baptized this week. Wow. I want to cry just as I'm writing this because I saw the Lord so strongly in her teaching process. Not only that but I feel that teaching her was when I learned the most on this mission so far. Wow. She always asked why and really did want to know why. She was really searching for truth. She is so special to me. God was ABSOLUTELY involved with her. There is no other way her dang stubborn heart could've melt except for the power of God along with his love through the Holy Ghost. He is the Master Teacher. She had an interview with the Bishop this Sunday and was telling us after how she wants to prepare for the temple. Is there anything sweeter? It is the most humbling and beautiful opportunity to see the process of someone come unto Christ and thus come unto God.

My sweet family this is the work of salvation and our God is calling all of us to help in it (wow. sorry getting all sister missionary), but really I love calling repentance to people. LOVE IT. I love to let people know that they can change and there is a way through the gospel. Let me tell you about how the recent converts I've been blessed to know are progressing tremendously.
1. Wendy- She wants to serve a mission after she graduates college in a year. She brought her dad to a fireside and her friend as well.
2. Xie JM - she is a scholar in the scriptures. The members said they feel embarrassed because she has been a member about 3 months and seems to know it better than them. She was so fun to teach because she loved to learn and talk gospel.
3. Little Xie- She attended ward council with us and gave her input on how to share the gospel. She was the cutest and she said just ask them how it feels to hear the message and why it's important to know that this is true. Love them and care for them and make them feel at home. She was basically saying all the basic stuff we do as missionaries and we never taught it to her she just figured it out herself. She has been to the temple twice now too.
4. Pei Yu-  our Darling Pei Yu! She broke the Word of wisdom and drank wine. She was so distraught because she didn't defend heavenly father. She didn't use her testimony to stand up to do what was right and it just devastated her week! I love that breaking that commandment wasn't about oh now I want have the blessings of heath or wisdom, but rather it was she didn't defend Gods truth. Isn't that the cutest? And that's what it is about. We follow because we love God. She gets it. And don't worry we reminded her we all mess up. She spoke at Penelope’s baptism.
5. Janet- Our sweet earthy yoga friend. She shared a wonderful testimony about the Book of Mormon at Penelope’s baptism. We watched a video about the Book of Mormon yesterday for FHE and she just cried and said she didn’t know why and we pointed out the spirit to her again. She is growing stronger each day! I'm so amazed. She has a firm testimony of God as her heavenly father. In my opinion that is what brings convert baptisms and not just baptisms.
6. Penelope. Well she did it. And not only that but she is different. She is kinder, more open, and she believes in God now. She believes! Wow. The work of Salvation. I love it with all my heart. It never ends. I'm almost a year out (yikes) but what are years when you have that perspective of eternity right? I think it was Elder Maxwell that said “when one sees through the eyes of the gospel one sees for eternity". Love you all so much.

Happy New Year!
Love, Your Daughter
Penelope's Baptism

Taiwan Glamor Shots

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