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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Put It on the Alter

Dear Beloveds,

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow! How did it happen? 2014. I always feel like the next year is just 2001. Well, I decided to finally do it. I kicked off the New Year with a new hair color. It all started because Sister Rohlfing and I went to Carrefore for the first time (it's like a Walmart) and we saw the dye and thought why not! I dyed it that red/brown that all the Asian pop stars have. I actually really love it. I've been wanting to do this color and now I just fit in more than ever before!

So we started a yoga class. Yep! Some people develop their piano/ukulele skills on a mission but I'm going to develop those yoga skills. Still got it. We hope this can unite the ward young and old! Who doesn't like a good stretch with music and essential oils in the air right? Also we are really hoping the members will bring their friends and we can get some good referrals.

I went on exchanges this week and Elder Holland's great niece came to DaYa and I got to show her around! It was a lot of fun with her around and it was during New Years and New Year’s Eve so we threw some glitter out of the window and jumped over 2013. I love exchanges. It gives you a chance to learn from someone who has been out longer and it makes you appreciate your companion more because they aren't there. Let me tell you what happened when we were on exchanges though. So we set up to go visit this LA (less active) who owns a flower shop. We pulled up and went to the side to say a prayer when Janet (the RC [recent convert] that got baptized about two weeks ago. wow. I love her so much. She was the one that didn't know if she really knew this was true before baptism but guess what, she was more ready than she thought) pulled up and we asked her to join us to visit this LA. The LA was definitely in panjiao apostasy state. She really didn't want us there and was pretty angry and she went off on the Church and I got scared because Janet just got baptized and wasn't sure of her testimony and I was worried of her getting all shaken up. Yikes! But guess what Janet gave her bold pure testimony that people will think what they want of Mormons and our beliefs and that's okay. What you need to do is know in your heart that God is your loving Heavenly Father and stick with it. WHOA. I wanted to cry right there because it was such a tender mercy to see her be able to share her bold testimony with someone who had their testimony shaken. Then Janet bought us flowers. Wow. It was so awesome to see her grow.

From that experience I was again reminded how God works. He's not going to baby us and life will have challenges and opposition that will shake us, but from those experiences we know how strong we really are and we know what our faith really is. I really saw Janet's faith that day and it helped me see how strong of a testimony she does has as she shared it. The world must be so scary for parents, but the opposition from the world will help us know just how strong our faith is and our testimony. We just need to make sure we are nurturing our testimony so when the time comes that its tried we can see how strong we really are and what we know.. It must be so scary for God in a way to see all his beloved children put into situations that will try their faith and could shake their testimony but he did it because he knew it was the only way! Isn't He great. Wow.

I love God and I am amazed at how every day I can be reminded so strongly of his love (Doctrine and Covenants 88:41-48). It reminds me of a favorite quote from a favorite book:

"Faith is a house with many rooms." "But no rooms for doubt?"

"Oh, plenty on every floor. Doubt is useful. It keeps faith a living thing. After all you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested." -The Life of Pi

I'm grateful for a 14yr old boy who doubted all other religions so he studied and prayed to find God's Church. His doubt in other churches led to the restoration of the one true Church. Doubt is a catalyst when we act to resolve it. Then we can find if things are true or not. Wow. Life is so fun huh? Doing well loving life. We need not fear when we have God! You Shen tong zai, suo shi dou neng zuo!

Sister Burr

Taiwan Hair Color
Good-bye 2013!

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