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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Princess Life


Wow! It was such a sick week this week. Sister Rohlfing and I got sick and we were down for two days. She was a lot sicker than me. I made baby rice! Mom you would be so proud. So this week went by a little slower. It was so nice to get back out and do the work. It was a breath of fresh air to just talk to people and be out spreading the good word!

The sweet Wu Family! Hey, can you send some prayers their way? Pray that they can gain a testimony and be baptized? They are wonderful and have a problem with tithing but it's not a real problem because as soon as their testimonies increase and they learn more they won't see commandments as such restrictions. I started tearing up in our lesson this last week because Wu JM, so sincerely was asking how you do choose between giving a tenth of your income to the Lord or bringing your kids to the doctor when they are sick. Man. Isn't that the question we all have? When she asked it you could just tell and I just felt that she knew what was right. You could see it in her eyes.  Her real question is how on earth do you find the strength to do what the Lord asks you to do no matter the circumstance. My heart went out because I feel like I've asked this countless times and it always comes down to those three things: faith, love, hope.

Faith that it will work out. Love for the Lord, and hope that he will do as he promises. They are moving along great and sister Rohlfing and I are back on our feet! This week is power week. Good thing we had some good sick days! Basically they pick crazy high numbers and challenges and we go out with faith and we do it. Absolutely into that!

Love you all!

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