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Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Year's

Hey guys. Oh man. I was so wiped out these past two weeks. Just EXHAUSTED. It was because of GuoNian (Passing of the New Year). All we did was eat so much at members’ houses for a week. Lunch and dinner. It was so crazy and it was so funny because they all bought us pizza and made pasta because they thought everyone else would be making Taiwanese food and wanted us to not get tired of the Taiwanese food but in reality all but 5 out of 14 families did Taiwanese food.

 Penelope is just blossoming. And peiked for Cao Tai Tai. She shared a killer testimony about God and his love. She went from not believing in God in her Father to testifying with convincing power that He is our Father and knows our needs. The Spirit is a miracle worker.

She went to knock doors with us the other day and it was so fun. Sister Rohlfing and I really wanted chocolate during dinner and so we were joking and said, hey lets pray and hope God will impress someone to let us in their house and then give us some chocolate. (I'm so sorry my thoughts are like this!) Hou lai, we were out tracking with Penelope later that night and the last house we were knocking on was this girl we had spoken to earlier about English. We talked to her and then said "hey do you guys want a cookie?" We were willing and it was a chocolate cookie and tasted so good! She didn't set up and wasn’t too interested BUT moral of the story. God knows us so good. Man he really knows and loves us. That was a testimony to me that no matter what our need, our concern the Lord is there for us. It was a silly little cookie, but really it was God saying "hey I'm here don't worry I got ya" RIGHT?

Love you all so much, And always remember "There's nothing worth sharing like the love that lets us share our name"

Your Daughter
We went to the coolest place in Taichung City the other pday
it was called Banana New Paradise. It tasted SO GOOD.

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