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Monday, February 24, 2014

I love to see the temple


I only have an hour today because we are going to the temple Wednesday. I'm so excited to go to the temple!

The work is going awesome. The beginning of the week we were rejected by EVERYONE. Absolutely everyone and we were losing investigators, but we endured it faithfully and now we have 5 new ones and a family came to a baptism. It's looking so awesome. Can you pray for a Shi Ai Wei? I love her so much.

Next week is move call. I feel like I'm going to leave here. I've been here half a year and I just feel it. But I don't like thinking about it because it’s up to our sweet Heavenly Father and I'll do whatever is needed.

Oh, BEST NEWS They have a Doctrine and Covenants in pinyin now. I'm loving it. Now we can teach W.o.W and Sabbath so much easier, so good.

Glad all is doing well. Have you read the True Shepard’s talk? We read it in RS and it was amazing. It was about Home Teaching but I feel like it's just like missionary work.

Love you,
Sister Burr

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