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Monday, April 7, 2014


My Dearest Beloveds,

Wow. I really missed the mountains. It was so wonderful to be in a place that was decently not too crowded and just had so much space! It was such a blessing. It made me think of what Martin Luther once said "God's Gospel is not just written in the Bible. It is written on leaves, on trees, the sky and the stars" or something like that. The trees were absolutely gorgeous. God created such an absolutely gorgeous world for us. We went with the senior couple, the Kailiponis. They are heaven sent. They also have a car and take us to Costco every now and then, but really heaven sent. There was one day I was just talking with Sister Kailiponi and I missed grandpa and grandma a lot for a few seconds because she reminded me of grandma and grandpa. They are going to be going home in August with me so that will be fun to end with them. They are such examples of love and service! I hope to serve again when I'm old.

Well, my dears I know this for a fact. I will be in Jia Yi three more months because I am training again! Another heaven sent tender mercy. I absolutely love training. It's one of the most miraculous and inspiring things. The missionaries from the MTC are so fresh and it's so fun to learn with them and watch them begin to develop their skills and talents! I'm still nervous even though it's the second time but I'm absolutely excited. I love companionships. The companionship is the basic unit and so important. It was a little rough this last move call so I feel like it's a big tender mercy to train again because it's one of my favorite things in missionary work.

We did grave sweeping this last week! No that knife isn't to kill zombies, it's to pull up sosososo many weeds. I've been looking forward to grave sweeping since last May. It was FANTASTIC. We just basically pulled up snarly thorny weeds but it was so fun to see the beautiful graves underneath.

I was reminded of the importance of love this last week. There's a lot of “numbers” pressure in Jia Yi and there's a lot of needs. It was super easy to get caught up in it. I don't like that. I truly know this work is fueled and maintained on love. Whether that be love for God or our fellowman. I feel like I lost sight of that for a little but as I remember President Monson's words "Never let a problem to be solved more important than a person to be loved" I'm reminded that most of the time the problem is people just need to be loved and then they find the strength and confidence to make the changes they already know they need to make. Man, last move call was the most exhausting yet, but it was full of miracles and the Lord's constant care. I've made it a goal to every day write 3 tender mercies and 5 things I'm grateful for in my journal each night. I feel tender mercies and things we are grateful for are different and it's important to notice both of them. Tender mercies are just God's hellos and little nudges of love telling us He is there and He knows. He really knows. You should try writing those things down!

How was conference? I can't wait to hear the words of the Prophet and apostles! It'll be the best birthday present to watch conference this Saturday.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My dears. I absolutely love you and hope that you enjoyed conference, the Final Four, and everything that has been coming your way. Have a faith filled week :)
Your Daughter

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