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Monday, March 31, 2014

Missionary Fun


Sorry for the lack of good emails lately. Tell Jilly-bean congrats! Can I see some pictures? My life and the work has been so unexpected and miraculous and just so Jia Yi.
The picture is from the amusement park, Fancy Land that I went to last week. Wow! so fun. Guard your p-days Alex! It's a day to relax and unwind for the week. A member from my old area met up with us there and we had lots and lots of fun with her taking us around. I'll put some pictures on the drop box of some of the rides. One went straight underground. I love a good amusement park.
The next picture is sweet Sandy, our 9-yr old who got baptized. Her mom is a less active we are working with and past sisters were already working with her for a year before I came here so it was a lot of work on a lot of parts to finally get this family reactivated. Less-actives are really a challenge and there are 500 members in my branch with 80 active so we have been searching out the lost lambs and trying to bring them back. We will use the crook of love and activities to do that. The big miracle with the baptism is that Sandy’s grandpa came to her baptism and church!!!!! He hasn't been to church in a long time and we are going to start working with him. Boom! Miracle. 
A while back I read Alma 17:11 and was just so touched and so inspired to really suffer all afflictions and sufferings to bring a soul to Christ. I remember reading that verse and just feeling such a love for these people who are so in need of light and hope. Well, today I got to put that scripture to the test. I woke up so sick and was puking from 5 to noon (I know this probably is sounding so weird of a story). I got so woozy we went to the hospital to get an IV in. Now we have this investigator Ivy who is normal when she takes her medicine but really angry and crazy if she doesn’t (that's the theme of Jia Yi) we really wanted to meet her parents and understand her situation a little better because she was just getting crazier. Well, at the hospital that prayer was answered. We were trying to figure out what to do with her because she was just so angry. We'll she got checked in the hospital at the same time I did and we were able to meet her parents and work things out! God works in mysterious ways and this way I had to suffer through sicknesses to finally meet her parents. Cool huh.  Don't worry I'm on the path to being better. Really don't worry mom. God is so smart. 
We are going to Alisha next week so it might be a quick one next week just FYI. 

Love you all so much
Sister Burr
You're gonna love this ride!
Little Sandy

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