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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Greetings from the Heart of Asia

The Heart of Asia! That's where I am at!
This is going to be a shortie but look at those pictures and just BASK in the joy of that!

This week was so crazy, I had Zone Training Meeting, exchanges, and zone conference. There was one day that I rode a bike, taxi, train, and subway. All I needed was a boat, plane and car and I'd hit up all the transportation! The Dragon Boat Festival (National Holiday) is coming and the smell of zhonzi (rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) is in the air. People are cooking them everywhere.

Oh let me tell you about the cockroaches. So when they clean the sewers, all the cockroaches come out and they climb up people!! Yes real. This hasn't happened yet but I have killed two. I flushed them down the toilet. They are sneaky little guys. I'm so tan right now and I even put on sunscreen. Today we are painting with a less active member! It'll be way fun. She has all the Bob Ross videos so she is one to remember. A real Ross-ian . (Amanda LOVES, no WORSHIPS, Bob Ross)

So we are working with a lot of people (3 families!), but we only have 3 progressing which is like this : (,  but in due time. We just need to hit them with that spirit. And show them the way.

Lilly: This girl! So we haven't been able to meet with her family because her parents are busy so we just stop by their store a lot and remind them to pray and show them the love and help out at their fish store. Miracle! They fanged us and we didn't meet with them, but we were contacting at the park and ran into Lily and her dad and got to talk for a while! God provides a way.

Jo: She is a hoot!  Her husband is a member and she has been coming to church for the past so-so years and she gets everything, but she is afraid of baptism. This week we are going to invite her to just make a goal of baptism we can work towards. She is great and loves to zap mosquitoes and wear miniskirts and I love her and she really gets obedience which is key.

I read a talk President Uchtdorf gave about walking in circles. They did an experiment where people walked in circles because it was a cloudy day. When it was a sunny day they could walk in a straight line. What was the difference? They could see landmarks and move ahead. We have landmarks! Scriptures, prayer, church! They keep us on track and from going in circles to reach our goal. We need goals. How do you know what you can accomplish without them? I feel like I went in a circle this week and honestly as much as I hate to say it it's because I lost sight of my goals and slacked on my prayers. Yes, even missionaries do that. Everyone does! Just get back on track and so this week I'm going to make sure I'm not doing circles and moving ahead. So scattered. Sorry. Time to paint with the Ross-ian.

I love you all so much. Really thank you for the support. This work isn't easy, but it's so happy. Your support means so, so much.
The love that let us share our name xoxo
Sister Burr
Beloved Gongshan
Jesus loves you! They tell us that every morning, the sweeties
my bling on ma bike
Backsweat. The sweet sea. 1 hr bike ride

I'm happy. xoxo

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