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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Off to the Sea!

Dearest Family,

Today I'm off to the sea! Let me tell you about the week and day: yesterday we had an earthquake (so awesome). I wasn't sure if it was real or if it was the fast Sunday woozies, but it was real and it was crazy. We are on the 6th floor of our apartment so we really felt it. I don't say this to alarm you! We were safe. Apparently it always happens.

Today is Sister Cs birthday so after prayers last night I locked myself in one of the rooms and made decorations. She probably thought I was having a breakdown because I was in there so long, but behold I was preparing to make her queen of the day. I hung stars everywhere because she likes them.

It's so hot, I don't even remember what it feels like to not be sweaty and dirty anymore. So I wish I could tell you everything about Taiwan. This really is my place. To take out the trash we need to chase after the garbage truck. It has a little jingle like an ice cream truck and we just run after it! If we don't make it back to our apt on time to take out the trash then it just builds up! We had 9 bags. YIKES! Because we were just so busy. There really isn't enough time in the day. Blissful exhaustion every night.

Oh, I have zone conference this week and an exchange tomorrow so I will see a new area! We found out we have 2 new secondary areas which makes a total of my one main area Gangshan and 11 (YES!) secondary. Sis. C and I are the only Sisters and we have to take care of so much! It's awesome. Up for the challenge.

So everyone gives us fruit on the street and everyone we teach because it's so dang hot and they xing ku us and feel so bad for us. Just on Saturday we got lychee, watermelon, apples, and mangos (the best little gems of Taiwan). The fruits of our labor! Literally. Now for the eternal fruits of our labor.

Lilly: That little girl I was telling you about. The one that prays. Well we set up an appointment and when we got there we realized it was her MOM??? What? Miracle? Yes! I don't know how it happened really, I don't, but I know that the Lord put her in our path. We invited her to church and she wants to come, but her mom says it's too early in the morning 9am but I think next Sunday we can do it! Pray for her please? The faith of a child. Really it's amazing. There's great things with this family. The dad is so nice and tells us where the most people are so we can go meet and contact them.

Sherri: She had a baptism date and she just can't quite understand faith. It's funny how faith is really hard to describe until you see it in action. That's why using our faith in something is so important. It helps us recognize it

The Family: The coolest family. The dad is in the air force and he made a HUGE picture of their family made up of little pictures of the family and it's on their wall. They want to learn about our church but also American culture so we really had to make our purpose clear. They know a little about Christ because of their neighbors. We shared Mosiah 4:12-15. I love this one with families! It really teaches you what the gospel teaches you to become and how to act and treat others. Serve and love! We met with them once and we have another day set up!

We meet so many great people! It's hard to really organize it all. Sister C. is so great at organizing stuff. She is a great missionary. I'm going to teach her how to break dance a little and teach her how to do stalls.

This week was really humbling. I realized how much I need to learn still and where my teaching was at and where I was at as a person. I'm still me! I'm a missionary, but I still have my weaknesses and my personality and everything. I kind of forgot that. I really evaluated my teaching and thought about "missing the mark" there was a conference talk on that a while ago. The mark is Christ and with teaching it's bringing others closer to Christ helping them use faith in him and develop that faith. It was humbling to know that I think I was missing the mark in teaching. Family! Pondering about Christ's sacrifice is so vital and so wonderful. We need to take time to think of what he means to us and what he did.  The sacrament is the perfect time. A time when we recommit to follow him and be better, but I encourage you to ponder daily! Power in pondering. I love you all so much
2 Nephi 25:25-25
Omni 1:26

Becki is driving and dating??? What? Give me the details fam.
I love you all so much and I'm glad to hear you are doing well!

ps take some "me time" like Queen Elizabeth says. Really.

Sisa Bu

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