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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zhai You! Add Oil!

Sweetest Family,
I can't believe I'm still here alive and kicking because at least 7 times this week I felt like my heart was going to burst with love and gratitude. It was so overwhelming and It happened when I thought about the fact that I'm actually here on this mission working with people to help them understand and find God and help them along the way as they develope a relationship with their creator and Savior! It pours, i'm sososo sleepy without naps, it's so hot, but I'm so happy. It really hit me the other day as I killed another cockroach in my bathroom how hard this is, but how happy I feel. So don't cry for me Argentina. I get to work with people that really open up to us and trust us enough to tell us about their fears, desires, and hopes and then I get to share what's so dear to me and changed my life and help them apply the gospel to their lives. Oh man oh man. What joy. Sweeter than the mangos in Taiwan during mango season (which is now!!! sososoo good)
What's Becki's email? How long is she in Taiwan! MY TAIWAN! I'm so happy she can experience the people and this life. I have that picture of her at the night market (yueshi) and it's great! So much stinky tofu there. Oh man I need to tell you that I have UV sleeves now. They are like really really long hobo gloves that go up to your shoulders. A member, He mama, gave them to Sister C and I. She is the cutest. A bouncy little pixie.They have pick poka dots >_< (//)!
Let me tell you about the people of Taiwan that have my heart. I haven't told you much about our investigators! So mainly it's sad right now because only one is coming to church. Our goal is to get them to church so we can get them progressing, but things just keep coming up or it's too early blah blah. Jk. xoxo.
Zhou JM: My heart! She is married to a member and has been coming to church for a couple years now. She says she is man man lai (slowly slowly coming) to understand the gospel, but she gets it! She's afriad of something. I think it's of falling away. She wants to make sure her faith is strong enough. Isn't that what we all want. We need to help her see it is pretty strong and to mainly help her use it. We taught her the law of Chastity just this last Thursday and emphasized modesty. She loves her litte shorties. We invited her to try to not wear them and she gave a tentative okay/maybe/ba/??? and wasn't super committed BUT guess what the next few times we saw her she didn't have them! This is a big change for her and yeah it's a little think but it's her using her faith and following a little rule that okay might seem silly (I thought it was silly for a while back in the day) and so it was beautiful to see.
Yang JM: Really my heart. She is so broken. She's a single mom of two and she is just soso broken and she feels so alone. We started meeting with her last week and she really opened up to us and she really needs the healing power the gospel brings. She has a 12 yr old son and They are kind of like equals in their relationship. He really takes care of her and he walks to a Christian church everyday. He really likes our church, but there just isn't one near his dad's home (his parents are divorced and in Taiwan the men usually get custody of the kids so woman are afriad to get married in case it doesn't work out and they lose their kids :( ) Anyways, she is really big on family and will do anything for her kids. God ABSOLUTELY led us to her. We ahve visited her twice and each time we got there right as she was coming home from somewhere. God's hand is really working with us here. The nicest guy.
Qiu JM: She is the funniest and a little borken too. She has diabetes and some health problems, but she is hillarious and she doesn't know it. We were teaching the plan of Salvation and I asked her where she thought we went after we died. She said she thought we become little angles. LITTLE ANGELS!! Could you imagine??? I kind of wish this did happen. Just imagine little angels flying around and resting on your shoulder. Alson in Buddism they believe the way you die is how your spirit remains. Her daughter died in a car accident and lost her legs in the accident so Qiu JM was so confused at how her daughter could wonder with no legs. We calmed her fears. The spirit is intact. She almost came to church, but family trouble came up. NEXT WEEK FOR SURE!
The gopsel is amazing. These people are all so different. WE are all so different. I'm working with happy, married, single, sad, strange, or faithful people and the gospel relates to them ALL. It relates to each one of their problems and just where they are in life. No matter where we are in life, what stage or situation the gospel can help us in some way. It really gives us hope Ether 12:4. That's something I've been thinking of and how this is a happy happy message! When I contact people on the streets at the stop lights one of the first things i say is something like cute shoes or cool hair or it's really hot (the icebreakers you know) and then I say "ey I have a super happy message" because that's what it is! We have a God! A loving God! We know our life purpose! We HAVE purpose! And we have direction from the Gospel. And last of all we have a Savior.
Mosiah 2:41 has been a favorite lately. Commandments. Follow them and then see the joy.
Family you are joy I love you so much. You are a support. Brother, the field is white and I can't wait for you to struggle over the zhongwen with me and fall in love with the LA people.
Sister Burr
ps So I'm Bu JiMui (Sister Burr) and it's hard for them to understand which bu (character) so I say "bu ji sai ren" 's bu to help them pronounce it. Bu ji sai ren means gypsy. MY DREAM!!!!
oh and I get a new mission president this week! And I am 1/2 way done with training!! YIKES!!!!

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