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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Baba's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my Pappi and Hello to my family,

Wow. So the Cedar Hills Family Festival? Oh I love going to that. I love carnivals! This Wednesday at English class we are having a party! It's the 4th of July/Carnival themed sooo I'm doing face painting and making funnel cakes. The things you never knew you would do on a mission. Soso excited.

Evan Braithwaite saw Becki at church! I'm so glad she is braving the humidity. I'm telling you this out of the truth of my heart, my hair smells like mildew because my towel will never dry. #missionproblems #ilovethelordandtaiwan.

Daddy, I'm so glad you are riding you bike! The other day we had a rainstorm. So awesome. It was like waterfalls coming off of the roof and I had a rain jacket but forgot my rain pants so my skirt was completely wet and I was wet with sweat so I was basically all wet even though I didn't have a jacket. It POURS here! I love it! I secretly pray for the big rain storms.

So let me tell you more about the people I'm working with. They are the cream of the crop. Gangshan is a little piece of heaven. Really the ward members are great and work with us so well. They peike (sit in and help with the lessons) all the time and are really so willing to help with missionary work. The chorister is a little lady I want to put in my pocket and when she leads her arms just flail around. And we have a 60 year old Joseph Gordon Levitt look alike. 

Lilly's Family: YES! So this week we were able to meet with them and not only that but they came to a baptism and saw a little 8 year old get baptized! They are so nice and receptive, but we just need to meet with them more to get them more progressing. It's just hard time wise but you xinxin you banfa!

The Lu Family: I wish you could see them. We taught them the Restoration and the dad (who wears these chemistry goggle glasses) claps his hands in the air and says I get it!! And he then says it was like aliens appearing to Joseph Smith and pray is kind of like talking with aliens! He's the best. Lot of teaching to be done but he'll get it! Their son asks great questions. He’s 29 and lives at home which is kind of the norm here so I feel like church could help him in a lot of ways. 

We are working with about 13 investigators and 4 are families so it's awesome. I love teaching families. Families are so important! Let’s talk about our biggest family! Our spiritual family of everyone with God as our loving Heavenly Father! Elder Groberg said, " since all love emulates from God, we are born with the capacity and the desire to love and to be loved one of the strongest connections we have with our premortal life is how much our father and Jesus loved us and how much we loved them. Even though a veil was drawn over our memory, whenever we sense true love it awakens a longing that cannot be denied" I believe this! The strongest connections we have is the love God and Christ have for us and the love that we have for them! When all else fails always hold on to that love! That's what I really try to aim for when teaching. Helping them feel the Love of God, because once you feel it strengths and changes you!

You're all sounding so great!
I love you all so much!
Sista Burr

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