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Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm a Missionary in the ROC and I'm a Mormon

Good Evening you Princes/Princesses of Wales and Kings/Queens of New England,

Beloved Family, our sweet Grandma Morgan. Oh, my heart. I love the memories that we had with her. What about all the times Mom wanted us to sing, play the piano, the violin, and just perform for her and we didn't want to. I'm so grateful you made us do that mom. Her bells! Her cookie jar! Most of all her great legs and heels and sweetest spirit. She really is so wonderful. I hope the funeral goes well and know I’m thinking of you all. xoxo

The work is going so wonderfully. Why you may ask. Well because it's the Lords' work 100 percent. I've really seen the little things that have led up to where I am now and so thankful for every experience I've had in my life and all the wonderful people I know and my family. This mission has really brought about a sense of appreciation for all I have and know. Life is so fun with Sister Lai. We are so similar that life gets pretty fun/crazy. Did I tell you we are putting on a yoga activity in the park and inviting all our neighbors and they having a spiritual share after? Yes. It'll happen this week. Activities are GENIUS. They are low stress environments that help us meet people. We have met some great people through our activities. If you have any good ideas for some send them my way thanks.

The sweet 12 yr old Huang. He parents are still on the fandui path and say no, but that's okay. We are working hard to get the members to befriend her family and trying to teach them. When we asked her why she wanted to be baptized she said because she wanted the Holy Ghost and she wants to meet with us to learn more of Christ's Gospel. YES! She is tender. Remember how I looked when I was 11 or 12 (Alex you mocked me once) That's her.

Chen. Our sweet jail lady. It's so funny to me. Sister Lai gets so mad at Chen JM and she will kind of yell at her and scold her. It's funny to me, but also makes me go like this "o_O ahhh". She has been lying to us and brought a friend to church who was just yuck. He was so controlling over her. I hated it so much and then they went out to smoke after sacrament meeting. Yikes! Does this cause discouragement? Not at all. I feel like President George Albert Smith when he said "If I can get my arm around [those who need help] and help them back on the highway of happiness by teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ, my happiness will be increased thereby.. you cannot drive people to do things which are right, but you can love them into doing them". I love that because I love love. It's absolutely the most powerful thing when it is pure and comes from God. Love and obedience are key to happiness in this life.

Su. Our sweet Su JM. She is well on her way to hit her goal. She wants to go to BYU. She is 21 and loves to wear platform shoes and miniskirts. She likes to take pictures at church with her ipad and she loves the Gospel. She was baibai before and didn't know about God at all. in fact she was afraid to pray to him. Now she is going against her dad to follow God and be baptized, come to church, and keeping the Sabbath Holy and bringing friends to church.

I love meeting people. Today we are going to 85 in Gaoxiong. It was the highest building until Taipei 101. We are going with my RC Zhang JM. Remember her? She is so cool and does archery.

Family I love you so much.

Love ,
Sister Burr

1. It’s so smoky in the internet cafe we write at we wear these masks. Everyone loves W.O.W. here so much and some crazy dancing game. It's so funny to me, but also sad to see them sitting here for hours.

2. I love biking so much. I finally know how to put my skirt so it doesn't get caught in the gears. No problem!

3. Everything In Taiwan is cute. Especially the food.

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