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Monday, September 30, 2013

Life in DaYa


Sweet family. I'm sorry for the short emails lately. The pictures attached is my last District in Gangshan. That was our Harry Potter Party (thanks for the music Tori). It was a hit! We had them write letters to an "American Friend" So I have about 50 letters starting off saying "Dear American Friend," It's the best. Wow. The work is going so well right now. So I'm in DaYa. It's by Taichung so I'm in a bigger city! No more fields and mountains for this girl! My companion Sister Park is the funniest. She mumbles Korean in the morning. I met her in the MTC and I say this with so much truth, the moment I saw her I loved her. She was in the laundry room and couldn't figure out when to put in fabric softener so I went to help her. Who knew 6 months from then we would be companions! She's fresh off training and I took over the area so the first week and a half was a big adjustment but we are finding the needs of DaYa and trying to meet them. A mission is so fun because it's like a puzzle. You need to find the needs of the area, ward, companionship, investigators, and district and then just do your best to meet them. DaYa is on fire. It has one of the biggest chapels. It was so humbling and just aweing to go from a ward that met on two separate floors of a building to a three story chapel so so humbling. I'll send a picture this week! The sweet lady in the picture is Wendy. She is amazing. She started following the Word of Wisdom before we taught her it. Daya has so many prepared souls so this is a really exciting time! The work is going so well! I'm learning Korean along with Mandarin. Oh this ward loves to feed. I guess this is where the mission weight will finally come in. No worries!

We have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon and helping them have experiences through the Book of Mormon. Oh man oh man. I love the Book of Mormon because it really does hold the answers and really is an absolute channel to personal revelation. I know as we continue to do this we will continue to see miracles and conversion! Nothing is sweeter than conversion. Nothing is sweeter than seeing investigators find answers by themselves through the Book of Mormon. Family this really is the Lord's work and I'm so thankful to be a part of it.

Oh the other week I got to do exchanges with my trainer because she is sister training leader. That was so wonderful! I was able to ask her "have I progressed at all" because she has known me from the beginning on island. I knew I had but It was nice to have someone say "oh yeah!" It was so nice teaching with her again!

There is a District 3!! I can't wait! I love the Districts.

Love you all so much!
Sister Burr
Sister Park

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