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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Sweet Family,

Wow. So funny. Right now I am wearing this over-sized dress and our apartment guard says to me while I'm leaving " wow it looks like you were a lot fatter before". I love Taiwan. I love the people. They are so great. The members are definitely great as well. Our ward mission leader likes to call every investigator "keai" which means cute or adorable or delightful. It's so funny. We also have this angel of a sister who makes us food every Sunday and sticks it in a cupboard in the church so we can grab it after. So sweet. This Sunday was fast Sunday so of course it was filled with miracles! Finally! There is this recent convert who got baptized 3 months ago and hasn't been to church since. We visited her last week and met with her family, we fasted and prayed hard and she came and better yet the members talked with her and made her feel welcomed! I'm starting to see how scary it must be for those new members. It really is a whole new world where everyone knows each other, we have things like pot lucks, firesides, stake centers, and unfamiliar things. Members are so important with helping the sweet new members feel comfortable.

The work has gone so well! I've really changed the way I've been praying and I've seen such a difference. I've really been trying to acknowledge how this is the Lords work and my dependence on him while doing it. Prayer and effort paid off. We have amazing new investigators and a family that we are teaching. Our sweet converts coming to church and I really know that this is the Lord's work. It's a privilege to be doing this for him. Also lets talk about gratitude for a second and how when our prayers turn from prayers of continuous asking and to prayers of gratitude it's like any weight or stress is lifted from our shoulders. Gratitude goes a long way so sweet family let me tell you 1. Mommy, I'm so grateful for the constant example you set. You always had us write our journals, family prayer, family scripture study, fhe, any ward activity, young womans, and so on. Mommy I love you so much and you are such an amazing strong woman of faith. I love you. 2. Daddy, don't worry I feel the same towards you. You've always been a constant friend to me. Always a listening ear and never judging my crazy ideas like camping alone in the forest or doing the El Camino de Santiago. You really are a support to me and an example of love and compassion. 3. Tori. You're my beloved older sister. You've always been a friend and an example. You know I love you like crazy and look up to you in all sorts of ways. You are so caring and look for ways to help others feel good about themselves. Thank you for your love! 4. Baby bro. I love to brag and tell people you are my brother. There's no one like Alex Burr. You are so kind and giving. Even when we were little you'd give me your toys when I asked or your fries (maybe I can blame you for that weight gain jk). I'm so grateful you're my brother. You really do have a heart of gold. 5. Becky!  thank you for teaching me violin that one day and for talking with me and always going along with my crazy ideas 6. Tina thank you for sending me those pictures 6. Missy thank you for riding bikes and watching weird movies with me. xoxo

Let me tell you about out Xie JM. She is so great. 30 years old and just bought a puppy. She finds answers through the Book of Mormon! That's how you know they're on the right track. They read the Book of Mormon. It's so important.
Family the work is going well. The people are so busy, but the Lord is blessing us as we ask for it!

I love you
Sister Burr

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