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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Party Crashing

Beloved Family,

Move call! I'm not moving! I'm staying in DaYa with Sister Park and I'm excited because we found some great new people and still have a lot to learn together. This week was super busy and full of so much. Wednesday night we had our Halloween party. It was SO GOOD! We had dry ice, a spook alley, face painting, a costume parade, and about 100 people came! That's super good. I was a witch and had a broom and a member gave me a hat. It was so fun. Daya has amazing members. There is a sweet lady who makes food for us every Sunday and a Ye Family who lets us bring investigators over for FHE. So good. When I first got here, English Class was at a 30-40 people attendance and over the month and a half it has more than doubled! We have found so many new investigators from English. So many mothers and their families, but they are all so busy. We have a lot of great people, but they are so busy with taking their kids places, work, and basically like Mom. They do have time though and we are praying and working hard to meet with them. That's the biggest problem right now. Just meeting with those people we have found.

Sister Xie is amazing. Wow. I love her. She brought her father to church and shared the gospel with her friend and said that she'd love to invite her friends to our activities. We are working with her sister right now and I feel like with Xie JM's help she can get that testimony she needs.

Penelope is one of our investigators and she says she finally believes the Book of Mormon is true, but still doesn't want to get baptized. No worries. We'll work on that. She's so great and really getting to know the members and their testimonies have been strengthening hers. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY. I can't say it enough. Did you read the October Ensign First Presidency message. It's about rescuing. It's by our beloved Prophet. "To the Rescue" I think. I wish everyone could have that mentality. We have a lot of less-actives and I've seen church attendance go down. Everyone needs to be reached out to. Member, non-member, active, non-active, doesn't matter. We're brothers and sisters. It's so important to be aware of others. To be aware of what they're not saying or what they say and what they need. A favorite, President George A. Smith said “Kindness is the power that God has given us to unlock hard hearts and subdue stubborn souls and bring them to understanding of his purposes". The world needs kindness and love. I'll never stop talking about the power of love. It's amazing and real and when pure form God.

Speaking of being aware.. I wasn't aware this week and it happened! I got hit! A scooter T-boned me. Don't call my President. I'm really fine. He hurt his leg and got scratched up, but it's a miracle I got the tiny scratch on my ankle. It really was a miracle. He was going so fast and I had my reflective gear on but there was no avoiding it. I saw him coming and thought “this guy is going to hit me!" The next thing I knew I was standing, he was on the ground with my bike and scooter. I have absolutely no idea how I got off my bike and was just standing. I keep thinking back but there's no memory. If that isn't proof that there are angels around I don't know what is! It was my fault and I have to fix my bike but now worries. I also got to ride in an ambulance, cop car, go to the police station and hospital all in one night. So much fun. I have his number and want to apologize and invite him to church. Maybe he didn't see me because he was pondering about his life's purpose who knows, but I’m fine!
Okay, I love you all so much.
Keep the basics. Prayer and scripture just like Daddy said.
Sister Burr
The Halloween party! Those are the Beitun Sisters with Sister Park and I
This was the aftermath of Friday night's crash. I had a good cry and ate congee

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