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Monday, December 30, 2013

True Asian

Sweet Beloveds,

So, really quick and really funny. Sister Rohlfing and I have been really thinking how long does it take to dilute the Asian blood we have because her mom is Japanese and so Asian and is EXACTLY like mother in the way she makes crazy projects, saves everything, sticks so many plates in the fridge, takes in stray animals and so forth. And we are realizing we are becoming like our mothers. There's just no stopping it. We've just accepted it and we are probably going to pass it on to our children. Come what may and love it.

Speaking of coming what may. Christmas came and went and here comes the New Years! Happy New Years! What are the resolutions you've made? It was so wonderful seeing your wonderful faces! Man, the girls are all growing up. How did it happen? “Tebie de shi guan zong shi guode tebie de qui,” am I right?

This week started out slow, our main investigators got baptized and the others are kind of “hai hao” and working on the desire to learn about his wonderful message and the family we were teaching is struggling a little, but as soon as we get the mom on board, I know things will pick up. So, it wasn't super busy, but then at the end of the week our faith kicked in because this is God's work and what that means is he WANTS it to go super-fast and WANTS us to find, teach, and baptize. So we used that faith to find and hit the streets talking to everyone and trying all sorts of ways to find. I love sister Rohlfing. She's fearless and she doesn't know it. She is so amazing and so powerful and an ABSOLUTE joy. And she has the voice of an angel. I'm so grateful to be her companion. I was worried training would turn me trunkie because the new missionaries love talking about home, but it actually showed me how my heart really did change over the past months and I don't want to be anywhere but here in this wonderful place serving the Lord.

I love finding. I love it so much. And this week we got a new family to teach. They miraculously just walked into the church and the mom said, "Hey, I want my kids to learn about Christian principles so they don't do bad things" YES! So we are meeting with them tonight. It's funny how she was so adamant on her kids learning but she didn't really want to learn (don't worry, we will hit her with the truth and the spirit to help her along).

It is easy to assume to know what others need when sometimes we need to take a look at ourselves and see what we need too. I do this a lot on the mission. I like to ask myself the same questions about faith and testimony and sincere study and prayer that I ask our investigators. Anyways, so many finding miracles. We got this awesome Nina we are going to teach and this other mother and daughter and it really turned around when we remembered how much of this work is dependent on the Lord and faith. I love it.

New Years! I love you all and hope that when 2014 comes, it comes in and finds you well and happy!

Your Daughter

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