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Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodbye Princess Life

Dearest Ones,

Last week was Temple Week. Wow. It was so good. I love the temple. I'm so lucky I've been able to go twice. I'm so grateful for the fact that we have covenanted with the Lord. We are so lucky to be his covenant people. You know what that means? That means if we are just good and obedient then we will, no matter what, be blessed by the Lord. It's what He says and it's the way He works. So good.

Manic move call. The time has finally come. My 6 months in Daya has come to an end. My baby grew up and now she is done with training. Sister Rohlfing is so ready. She was fantastic from the start. We had a lot of fun together and worked so hard. I'm so proud of her! Being her trainer was a super happy time. We had a star of a time and now I've moved down South to Jia Yi. President is keeping his eye on Jia Yi so it's kind of like 0_0. He also told me some information about that area and informed me that this one was going to be hard for a couple reasons but he was trusting me with it. Yikes! But guess what, the Lord was preparing me for this 3 weeks ago. I want to share something with you.  Three weeks ago I got a blessing because I just felt like God was trying to tell me something and I wasn't getting the answers through prayer and scripture study so it was time to hear it straight from the Priesthood. In the blessing He told me 5 times that my mission was about to get hard and that it was going to be my refiner’s fire. Yikes! I learned a couple things from that blessing. 1) God knows me so well. He knows our thoughts and that blessing was from God. I have always referred to my mission as the refiner’s fire for me and Elder Gassman (the one giving the blessing) didn't know that! God knew that, so he was just letting me know he understood me. 2) God will prepare us for what is coming up next. And because he will prepare us for it, he knows we can handle whatever we are given. He knew where I was going, who I was going to be with before move call was made. He knows EVERYTHING. He is sosososo smart that sweet Heavenly Father of ours. So because He told me that 3 weeks ago, I've been preparing as much as possible and trying to strengthen my faith and all that sweet stuff. It was really sad to leave Daya, but it was time. I really found my missionary self in that area, saw miracles, gave it my heart, and fell in love with the people there. Man, but it was time. And now it's time to fall in love with Jia Yi! I already feel the love. I could just feel the pull of another area. It's the craziest feeling. It's like a dog that goes into a stranger's house that’s super comfy so he doesn't want to leave but he keeps hearing his owner whistling for him so he knows he has to go outside and leave. The weirdest analogy. I know. But that's what it's like. I'M PUMPED! It's just a branch and they want to make it a ward in July so we got to get some Jia you going here. I'm excited to see what happens!

My new companion is Sister Mangleson. Her mother is a Chinese teacher at Summit Academy. Mommy do you know her mom? Also, Alex I think you know her. She is fresh off of training! I came to a realization. The only older companion (mission time wise) that I've had has been my trainer. Yikes! Aside from that, it has been a trainee and people fresh off the training and someone who was the same time as me. I've lived a baby life. I'm nervous to be honest about what's to come and it's always a bit scary to take over a new area and to get all settled in but I know that Lord helps and I know the gospel is true and that's enough. I'm so excited.

Also lets not mention this but maybe I should... My year mark! Yikes! It's this week. Oh man. Time flew. Well I love you all sosososososo much. You know that and I can't wait to just meet the people of Jia Yi and fall in love with them so I can tell you about them.

Your Daughter

Picture 1 - Sister Shi with her mother and her baby. She was my little miracle investigator. We found her on the road we started talking because she was listening to Grey's Anatomy's theme song and I pointed that out (that goodness for my TV knowledge). She disappeared for a month and for the past two weeks she appeared again and has been going to church the past weeks and praying. She needs a little jia you with the BoM, but she's on her way. I was really sad to leave her, but she's in good hands. This is me being sneaky and fake holding a baby. There were so many cute babies around Daya it was crazy.

Picture 2 - MY LADIES! I saw these ladies get testimonies and grow from people not knowing a lick about the gospel to living it. Wow. Nothing is more satisfying or beautiful than helping people feel the love and joy the gospel brings. I feel really blessed that I was able to learn with them and from them. It is also so humbling to know that you can leave and they are fine without you. It's Christ that they need and so when I leave my goal was to just make sure I leave Christ with them. They’re good. No worries. Penelope and Patty went proselyting with us on Sunday. Wow. I LOVED it. Penelope is a naturally, Patty needs some good MTC time. IT WAS SO GOOD!
Missionary Life
Sister Rohlfing and Me

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