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Monday, June 16, 2014


My Dear Family,

Well. This little Island has been home for about 14 months now. Yikes! I can't believe Wyatt will be home this month. He is going to be the funniest RM. You're so lucky you'll see him like that!

Sister Biancardi and I tried to go shopping today and it was such a bust. I hate shopping. The music is too loud in stores and everything over 17 American dollars is just too expensive.

I was so clumsy last week. We went to go visit a LA that we are trying to reactivate. She has this tiny tiny shop where she cuts hair and as I sat down I knocked over her soup bowl which then shattered and it took down her phone/computer thing with it. Yikes. So that was a sad experience to have with the missionaries. BUT SHE WAS SO KIND. So that was okay, but I wanted to buy her a new cell phone case today but it was so hard. 

NO! Chen JM did something very silly. She told her husband that she is already baptized and he got so mad. He said that they were getting divorced and her mom said that she was going to disown her. WHAT? This is the trail we need to hurtle right now. That wasn't the Lord’s way of doing things, so we need to sort that out.

On a happier note we have more investigators than we have time for right now and one is Zoe and Stella. I love them. Zoe is looking for happiness and Stella saw the elders giving the sacrament to an old man in the hospital and was so touched she chased them down to meet with them. MIRACLES. It just goes to show you never know who is watching you. The Lord will use us to help others so we just got to do our best to be our best! That's all he asks.

Love you all,
Sister Burr
The Baptists also know God is Love

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