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Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

My Dear Dear Family,

Dragon Boat Festival is back! Wow. I still remember it last year. I'll tell you a funny story. This morning from walking out of our house for the 3 blocks to the church, we were given SIX zhongzi (the rice cake triangles wrapped in the banana leaves that are so good!) in less than 15 minutes. Isn't that funny! One was from our running buddy. She has been to church once and played the erhu at our fireside, but she's not willing to take lessons yet. We're still working on her. The other was our 91 year old neighbor (picture) who literally just pulled us into her house. What a wonderful people!  It's also so bai-baiy so it's all smoky and incense-y. I love Taiwan.

It was a very very good week in the work and with growth. Just absolutely fantastic. We blew the mission standards out of the water and we are seeing our investigators progression take up speed. Chen Yue Wen still has her family opposition so she still NEEDS PRAYERS. I was really thinking about how we can help her. She has been taught the lessons, and she has a goal for the end of this month, but we just have to help her overcome her family problems. As I was thinking about it more I thought that wasn't just it. She still occasionally drinks milk tea and will miss church now and then. Now this is one of the most faith-filled woman I know and Satan has worked on her so hard and we weren't positive how to really help her.  Then I thought of the role of a missionary with is to teach, invite, and support so really all we need to do is keep inviting to help her progressing the faith. There are countless stories in the Book of Mormon where when the people start strictly obeying God's commandments they are blessed. I know I just KNOW that if she strictly obeys the commandments the Lord will soften her family’s hearts. We have a God of miracles and I just know it can happen. It won't be easy. These last months will be miracle filled! 

We are teaching this other girl "little monkey" she is a Chen JM but every time we say Chen JM she replays "oh just call me little monkey" She is amazing. Complete turnaround. She used to drink, do illegal drugs, smoke, chew betel nut, and so much more but she has stopped it all! She pulled her strength from the scriptures and prayer. The work honestly just needs the Book of Mormon, prayer and scriptures and it goes forward. And missionaries to just invite and clarify. My testimony has been so strengthened of the Book of Mormon. Dearest family, that book is a book from God. I don't think I will ever comprehend the power and the divinity of it, but I hope to never take it for granted. It has helped so many investigators this week overcome problems. It's a book with a promise to let us know if it's true or not. How cool is that. In a world where not everything is certain, we have a promise that we certainly can know if that book is true which means Joseph Smith did see God and Christ and angels conversed with him and this Church is the church is God's authority and full gospel and if that's true then God really does love us and we are children of God. It all connects. 

I love you all so much. 

Sister Burr

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