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Monday, June 30, 2014

I am a man with girl appearance

This week was so good! There were so many funny little miracles and tender mercies. First off, Zoe. She came to church for the second time this Sunday and we thought it was time she wore a skirt so I brought one of mine that she could borrow. She HATED it. She hates skirts and walked out of the bathroom and said " I am a man with girl appearance". It was so funny, because she is the cutest girl but would rather just wear a t-shirt and stretchy pants. We ended up switching skirts so she could wear one she liked better. So not only do we need to get the investigators to church but I had to swap clothes with them. She is doing good. She is following some of the commandments now but is still nervous for baptism because she feels like her faith isn't enough. No problem. Commitments, pray, and reading should help her overcome that. It’s so refreshing to know what’s holding people back so we're just not shooting in the dark when we teach. 

Today we went on a hike with Stella which was super funny. She drove around in circles for about an hour first then decided it was time to eat lunch then took us to hike. I finally saw banana spiders (look it up) they are as big as my hand and so scary. It was good spending time with her. She has a big Jehovah's Witness influence but no Christian background because they'd visit her and just read scriptures with her. That time we hike she asked us about probably every commandment and it was so hard to explain it all to her when she hasn't been taught about the Plan of Salvation yet but it worked out. That's the lesson that really ties everything together. That's my favorite lesson to teach. It’s the one that answers a lot of questions and brings a lot of peace. I love the puzzle Tori sent of the Plan of Salvation because it helps people see how the PoS and Restoration fit in. Before the restoration we only had some pieces. We knew heaven, this life, and hell but after the restoration we knew about spirit world, resurrection, and the kingdoms, and judgment. It put the pieces together. 

We went to Sister Zhao's house to visit her husband. She is the other mother with husband opposition. Man. She is so solid! She is constantly asking her husband to meet with us and is constantly sharing the gospel with him. She reads scriptures out loud when he is nearby so he can hear. I love it. She's solid. We hadn't met her husband yet because he is always at work but last night we surprise visited them so we could just meet him once. He was sleeping so we just started meeting with her and then all of a sudden her sleepy husband comes out in his boxers and then looks at us and goes back in the bedroom to sleep. It was so funny to me! I thought it was so funny because that was our first time we saw him. Her testimony is strong and it is slowly softening her husband's heart. He said he just wants her to wait 2 months and then she can be baptized, so we will see. 

It was so easy to see all the blessings and tender mercies of the lord when I was looking for them this week and writing them down and thanking God every night . There really is true power in gratitude. 

I love you all sosososoosso much!

Love Sister Burr
I'm a frumpy sister missionary and I love it!

Hiking with Stella to Blue Lake (Lan Tan)

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