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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sister Blurr and Sister Blancardi

My Dear Dear Fambly,

Pappi! Daddy! Happy Fathers Day! I'm so sorry I forgot. It's August 8th here (ba-ba which means dad and eight-eight so that's really cute) but that's no excuse.  I've been so excited to write you this week to tell you all that has happened. No Sister Chen is still having her problems and she told us she wants to "start over from the beginning" so we're trying to figure out what that means, but we'll figure it out because this week was SUCH a good week of leaning. Sososo good. 

First things first, let me tell you how American television has influenced the young Taiwanese school girls. Last Wednesday we went to an all-girls high school to answer their questions about American life. The things they asked were about graduation parties, the "cheerleader popular crowd"", and then I sang "Call, Me Maybe" to them. Yikes! I knew the words. It was super funny and I was just reminded how pure and good these people are. Man. I love them. They are so hard working.

Also, the most dangerous contact happened this week. We had just parked our bikes and it was on this platform probably two feet high. To get on it you need to go up a little ramp that is really steep. There was a lady next to me so I start talking to her and telling her who we are. She started riding off on her scooter saying she wasn't interested and missed the ramp and just completely dropped! Oh no. So she was okay. Just some scratches. We were able to pray with her and comfort her for a bit so that was good and she was off after resting for a bit. I've been so clumsy and my clumsiness is just rubbing off and I've been so lame!

And let me tell you WHY. I'm so lame without the spirit. I know without the spirit we can do the work and yeah we blow the mission standards out of the water, but it's exhausting and not so effective. Mission work is so hard without the spirit because without it we do the work we think needs to get done rather than the work that the Lord needs to get done. I know He has prepared people and it’s just our job to find them and we do that by listening to the spirit. It's like a chicken running around with his head. With the spirit we can know what to do and where to go. I've seen it COUNTLESS times. It happened just last night! We prayed to know where to go and the first house we knocked let us in and we taught a sister and her brother. So cool. I feel like these past few weeks or so I haven't had the spirit as much. I actually know I haven't because it was so hard to do the work. It's like swimming with weights just to show how tough you are. dumb. It's exhausting and there's no point to it. You just need to let go of pride and drop what's weighing you down.

One of the things was companion contention. Wow. Man. I didn't know where it came from but it was a complete brick wall hindering the spirit. It was like a two sided brick wall. I'd take down a brick and then my companion would put one up on her side and vice-versa so we couldn't get this wall down and there was no Holy Ghost for us. Yikes.

Elder Holand said this   "Unity is so crucial in this work, and if there is disunity, or a lack of harmony of any kind, any sort of break between a missionary and his companion, the work is crippled. We all remember the famous incident in the life of the prophet Joseph Smith, who, in the course of translating the Book of Mormon, had some little domestic tiff with Emma. I’m sure this was nothing extraordinary, something natural to most newly wedded couples, who in their particular case were under an immense amount of pressure, but we all know what happened the gift of the Spirit of translation ceased immediately, the flow of inspiration completely stopped, and the work was for a moment totally thwarted. For that moment, the adversary had won a victory. Now, rightfully and appropriately, Joseph and Emma patched things up apologized to each other for whatever the offense had been and the Holy Spirit returned, with it the power and privilege of translation resumed."

Unity is key. We worked on it! And it's so much better. Just love and trust. It's what we were lacking because I became a MISSION ROBOT. 

Oh no. I'm so ashamed I was an absolute mission robot and the song "human again" from the new Beauty and the Beast just keeps running in my head because I can't wait to be human again. What I mean is I was just tunnel vision on missionary work the way I wanted to do it and numbers. I forget to just "be still" and listen. Listen to self, companion and the Holy Ghost.

I love what Sister Holland says, "I believe we can find our steady footing and stilling of the soul by turning away from physical preoccupations, superwoman accomplishments, and endless popularity contests, and returning instead to the wholeness of the soul, that unity in our very being that balances the demanding and inevitable diversity of life".

WHOLENESS OF THE SOUL. Just being still. Anne morrow Lindbergh also said, " Not knowing how to feel the spirit, we try to muffle its demands in distractions... the problem is how to feel the soul".

How true and what I mean by that is to just acknowledge our human feelings and be human and further to feel the Holy Ghost in our lives. Be still and listen to Him. We were averaging 26 lessons a week and we were just back to back busy. It was so hard to have that stillness and that wholeness and just listening to self and spirit. MOM! And because of that we were “not so productive busy". It was just fluff that was muffling and getting in the way of the spirit. But, I'm coming back! I really just forgot to love and feel the love for the people I think. Relationships ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT. With self, God, and others. So this week was SUPER good with learning.

Emeleeyne - a miracle, she is a member from the Philippines who was looking for the church in Taiwan for 6 months! She found the address through Facebook but doesn’t speak or read Chinese so we had to go pick her up and I had to translate for her at church. SHE IS A LIGHT! There have been so many lights lately.  
Zoe- Doing good. She is trying to live the word of wisdom this week! She understands it all but is still working on feeling the truth of it all
Stella- We are going to Costco in a little bit with her and she is AWESOME. She recognizes tender mercies already. She is so prepared and sweet and kind. Man I love her. She is just a light and how the light. She has a goal for next month but her problem is work :/ she owns a breakfast store. 
Sister Chen - She hasn't picked up and just needs some time to sort stuff out. We have members friendship her.

FAMILY! It's all good. I love this work and I love you all sososososo much. Thanks for all the love and support. Remember in my setting apart when they talked about feeling the prayers and loves and supports from home, well it's real. I feel them and am so grateful. 
Sister Burr

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