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Monday, July 1, 2013

"London Kisses You Like A Sweet Lover" - Taiwanese clothing saying

Sweetest Ones,

Wow. This week. How do I hit you with all that happened? First off, I have a new Mission President. President Blickenstaff. Three cheers for him! I didn't get to know President Bishop too well, but it's a happy tragedy to see him go. He is going home to his work and family and sososo happy about it. I'm excited to meet the new President and I wonder if he is THE Blickenstaff from the Blickenstaff toystore. So, a new transfer! I am about 4 weeks left with training! That makes me like this o_O because of all there is to learn still but also like this (!!!!!) because I'm excited for the new things to come. 34 new missionaries are coming in August. The mission is exploding.

Ps what is this mission broadcast I keep hearing about? My Aunts of Mosiah kept mentioning it. What is it?

Guess who I saw on the roads of Taiwan? SUMMER JENSEN? How did it happen you ask? Who knows? All I know is it was a miracle and from it we are going to meet with a less active that she was with and I got a little taste of home that really was sweeter than mangos and lychee and milk bing combined. The joy and the love!

Please give the biggest kiss and hug to America on the 4th for me. I really love the 4th. I'll eat a hot dog in Taiwan to celebrate.

So, I was made English Leader with the new transfer! So basically my job is to pick where we do English proselyting and I have to teach a little prep meeting before we have English class. I'm so excited, but still I feel so new that I don't know what to do, but you know, just go at it and give it your best right? I'll add a little splash of Sister Burr to the Gangshan English classes.

We did a special musical number in sacrament this week. It was all the missionaries so Sister C and I and the 4 other elders. We sang Come Thou Fount (Amanda’s favorite hymn) but in ZHONGWEN! (Chinese) That was the first time they had a musical number in years and I don't know if they've even heard that song so it was super-tubie and special. I spoke in this sacrament meeting for 10 minutes! I was given the xiaohai (youth speaker) spot! Yahoedeeho! I spoke on faith and faith in Christ. Family, faith in Christ is everything. It's the reason I'm here. It's the reason we are forgiven. It brings REAL life changes and I've seen it bring changes to the Taiwan people. My recent convert, Avril (she was the one that is in the baptism picture with me) is amazing. She has a temple goal, 2 callings in the ward, and hangs out with the ward members. THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT! Man. We were doing a follow-up lesson and I asked her how her faith has changed from before baptism and to now and she said "well at first I didn't know if all of this was really true and it felt good so I went with it but now I know". She acted on her faith and now she's getting solid! Also she is a wedding planner, does archery, and tae-kwon-do. The coolest girl.

My heart keeps breaking because our investigators aren't coming to church, BUT fear not and have faith! We are working with them so much and trying to get them there. We also met some great people we are meeting with this week so I can't wait to tell you how it goes this week.

I was senior companion for a day. Does that sentence make you want to puke with anxiety, but still just forge ahead with joy? Because that is what I felt. Man. We went on exchanges and Sister C left Gangshan so I was in charge. I got the keys, the APR (calling list), the phone, and the crown of Gangshan. I was nervous because I was on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader. (Sister Taylor, TORI!! You know her. She was in your mandarin class and she saw you in China. She said you always had boyfriends lol true love you sissy.) We had some important lessons. We were going through the baptismal interview questions with an investigator and had 3 other lessons so I had to get us there and lead the lessons. It was awesome because I realized I do know Gangshan. I DO know how to get around. And it was nice riding in the front for a bit. I loved it but I was sossoo happy to have Sister C back. She is my mother. My trainer lady.

I have a duan chuan which is a temporary missionary. She is Becki - but not. She is 15 years old. She is the BEST. I love her already. She just wants to see the mission life so she will be a missionary for a week with us. She isn't set apart but she will sleep with us rise with us teach with us, dance and laugh and love life. She is studying the scriptures right next to me right now. She is so willing and really has brought a new lively joy to the companionship! I'm so excited for this week

The best thing an investigator said over the phone, "Let me clarify this. I am drinking beer. Mrs. Yang is driving" It was so funny to me because he wanted to clarify it and he really was drinking, you could tell.

Let me tell you about this week family. It was pretty rough for me. I don't know what it was. Tuesday hit and I was like this ----- then Wednesday I was like this ....... We were riding out to a secondary area that takes 40 minutes to get to and I was just praying for rain so I could just cry. I just wanted to cry and cry. I was trying to find the joy in the work and my heart was just so heavy and I was so sad and I missed home. Family I was HOMESICK! (Brianna, crazy huh?). And I was just praying so hard to try and change my heart so I didn't feel this way. I just couldn't get my head and heart in a good place, but I wanted to. Missionary work is hard. So sososo hard. You see the joy in my letters because it's sososo joyful but it's the biggest kick in the skirt I've ever experienced. I'm so thankful to be in Taiwan. I love these people so much I cannot not serve them and want to share the gospel with them. Family, don't think I’m sad right now. In fact I'm sosos good. I'm figuring out my place in this mission life. The physical part isn't hard for me. I don't mind the biking, the no naps, 6:30 morning calls, and the heat and such. It's more of a mental, spiritual, and emotional hard. You just want to do your best and you want to do the best for them and the Lord. It's very humbling to see how much you have to learn but so beautiful to see how much you HAVE learned. Also it's just exhausting to care so much for so many people. It's like having a city of children. I'm sosoo thankful I had to give that talk on Sunday about faith and the bishop asked me in Sunday school to share why I decided to serve because it reminded me of my own faith and my desire that I kind of forgot about, you could say. Family, I forgot why I was here and it made me the saddest missionary, but guess what I'm back on my feet and I remember so much. It all comes down to my faith in Christ. I served because I had a desire to serve the Lord. I wanted to serve the Lord because when my faith in Christ grew and became so real to me it changed me and motivated me to want to be more like Him. Faith in Christ gives you a desire to learn of Him, trust Him, and to be like Him. And it's as simple as that. Now I'm not saying all those who have Faith in Christ want to serve a mission, but I am saying faith in Christ motivates you to do good, to change and to learn of Him and just love everyone like they are the saltiest salt of the earth. Faith in Christ just motivates us to be better. Family I love you all so much and I love this mission and these people. These people stole my heart long before I realized it. Life is like this (!!!!!!)

We need 28 more for a chapel! Pray for prepared investigators! love you!

"London Kisses You Like A Sweet Lover" and I do too,
Sister Burr

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