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Monday, July 29, 2013

A day in the life

Sweet Family,

First off, a little love and shout out to Alex! His farewell was today right? I got the recording. xoxo thank you. It's kind of fuzzy like the voice of the Wizard of Oz when he is pretending to be the wizard, but I can get most of it. Absolutely Alex. Absolutely my brother. The Gangshan Stake President's son is going in the same day as Alex and the same mission!

Second off, SERIOUSLY? Alex you took over my shrine? C'mon! There are so many baibai shrines and it's so funny that we have one at home and a baibai goddess. I was telling Sister Christensen about the shrine and the statue and she was so concerned. So funny. The flower lights are actually so beautiful I think I'm going to buy some to use for decoration.

Man, let me tell you about how I've had 4 flat tires this month. And 3 of the 4 were just in two days. This was a bike trouble week. That means that training is almost over and that I’ve been here for almost 3 months when the bike starts falling apart. So yay! I'm so excited. Next Monday is move call and I'll know if I’m staying in beloved Gangshan or heading out somewhere else. I'm excited for whatever comes my way!

Wow! So this week we had an activity with the ward where a member would do missionary work with us so Sis. C and I split up and I went with a member, who is going to go to SLC Visitors Center in December! It was such a good day with miracles. First off, we ran into this investigator that hadn't been picking up her phone. She had been on my mind and BAM right there outside of the Nike store, there she was. We set up right there and it was great. Second miracle was my tire popped again. God loves to be funny. We had an appointment at 3 at the church and it was 2 so we had to fix it quick. I found the bike shop (yes I speak Chinese these days, kind of. I'm starting to read characters! What a joke! I've been learning Chinese for 5 months and now I'm starting to read the Book of Mormon in Chinese. Starting mind you. That's Chinese for you. Rough and tough and good). The owner of the bike shop had been to the SLC temple a while back and he was interested in meeting with the Elders and was super nice! He actually fixed my tire for free. God always has a reason for things.

This is His work and I've really had to be reminded of that this week. A lot of our investigators are very slow coming. It's funny because we have these two great people who believe this is God's church and the Book of Mormon is true, but they won't act. They won't come to church and don't want to work towards a baptismal goal. I was thinking why is that? They believe it and they feel it but they aren't willing to act and to change. That's such a true thing though. So many times we will feel the spirit testify that things are right of us to do, but we ignore it. Change is hard! It's scary! And they love their milk tea or there is family opposition. We know what's right but we don't act. With the investigators, I feel like they just need to better understand the importance of the gospel. This is their eternal salvation we're talking about! It's not a joke! When we understand the doctrine and the teachings of Christ clearly that is what brings changes because it brings understanding! I feel the mantle of the Lord so much. I feel the responsibility I have to teach and do it boldly, but it's not scary. Not at all! Because I know that this is God's work. I know that as long as I seek for the spirit and live worthy of it I will have it and he will help me! I know this so strongly because over and over again I have felt the Spirit guide me in lessons, in finding, in preparing lessons, and basically in every aspect of the work. He is there. I love the Holy Ghost so much. I felt like I didn't really appreciate the true gift it is until now. He protects, enlightens, comforts, and is God's messenger. Oh man oh man family. We are so lucky to know what we know. I'm a sap whenever I recite the first vision I just tear up. I'm so grateful for the Restoration. It happened. And it happened so we can have Christ's church on the earth again. His complete and FULL gospel! We know truths that will bring us guidance in this life and pure bliss in the life to come!

Alex, missions are so hard, but honestly I've learned diligence is the best thing. Work and diligence. The days I wake up and feel so anxious I want to puke and just don't know what to do or am so sad an investigator just won’t accept this gospel that can help them and their family, I just pray to the Lord and forge ahead and as I work and trust in the Lord I feel 100000 times better and have that skip in my step. You'll love it. Just fall in love. It's the little moments that have made my mission.

I love you all so much!
Sister Burr

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