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Monday, July 22, 2013

" It's true. I can feel it"

Fambly Matters,

Wow! So, last week we didn't really find monkey mountain. We got lost and ended up just riding bikes UP a mountain and then ending the day by heading to the beach, BUT we saw monkeys on the side of the road! God was being nice to us.

I have 2 weeks of training left! Then I'm basically an ol’ veteran right? Might as well make flight plans and pack my bags. Just kidding. I’m a missionary right now so sorry, hug and kiss you all when I get home.

I'm becoming a missionary. I want to say all the things missionaries say like 1. time is just flying by 2. I love my mission 3. I can't think of any life but this life! 4. I'm so grateful for this week.. etc. and it's because that is what I feel. I never thought I'd love this life as much as I do. I can hardly think of any life but being a missionary. I was trying to quote LOTR to Sister Christensen, but I couldn't REMEMBER! That was actually the worst but that's fine. I was told every transfer seems to have a "theme" on your mission or something that God really wants you to learn. I think with training, it has been patience and humility. God knows me and my weaknesses and he has hit me hard in the beginning to help strengthen my weaknesses and I'm sososo grateful for that.

Our investigators have moved really slow BUT they are moving so that is good! Sherri isn't going to hit her baptismal date because she still has questions and she has boy problems. BOY PROBLEMS! She wants to marry a guy in another church but if she joins ours, he'll leave her. Boy problems are everywhere and interfering with the Lord's work of salvation. C'mon!

Let me tell you about what's melting my heart. It isn't the Taiwan heat, but the person that is really melting my heart right now. Her name is Ling. We met her through English class (which is taking off! and we have a great CLUE themed party planed!) and started teaching her two weeks ago. She was the one that I taught with my recent convert as my companion. She believes the Book of Mormon and that this is God's church and what's better is she believes Christ is her savior. Last Friday we went over to her house and it's always so much joy! She has 3 younger sisters and they bicker! I love it! I love sisters. And I love you brother don't you worry, but it's so fun to see sisters bickering and just teasing. She likes to call us family then tells us to eat like family and wants us to eat so much food. So we do. So we taught her the second lesson which is the plan of salvation and we were just at the part where we are talking about the Atonement and testifying of Christ when she holds up her hand so we stop talking and she says "it's true. I can feel it" The Spirit was very much there and just so THICK like a fog but a fog that gives enlightenment and truth. Whoa. Nothing brings the spirit like testifying of Christ! She is so good, but her dad is against it so we need a little miracle to overcome that. She is such a good person! She reminds me of you mom. I imagine that she is how you were when the missionaries taught you.

A less active who is now active yay! said that the gospel gives us a goal in life and that is so very true. With the gospel we can live life based on eternal truths and not the changing truths of this and that of the world. It’s so good! Family I love this life! It has almost been 5 months! Yikes! 2 missionaries out! Ready to be showered by blessings? The Lord is the kindest. Christ is our Savior I love Him. i love you all!
Have a Christ filled day!
Love Sister Burr!

Just on the side of the road
Grumpy Monkeys

Jing Ping and me
Taiwan xoxo
A member in the ward drew this of me when I gave a talk xoxo

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