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Monday, December 2, 2013

9 months and getting a baby

Sweet Beloveds,

Thanksgiving! So good? Sister Park and I had turkey rice. so cheap so good! My favorite. It was fun introducing Thanksgiving to her and TURKEYS. She didn't know what that was!

Hello hello. Let me tell you about a wonderful week. I just got back from eating ice cream and visiting a college with one of our investigators. It went super well. It's Penelope. She has opened up a lot and we understand her situation a lot more. I really believe with the right guidance she can finally open her heart to this gospel! I wanted to cry last Sunday I was so touched.

Sister Liao (the one getting baptized next week) bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and said how she knows this church is true and she thanks God for blessing her and her family. Wow. Amazing! She went from not knowing if this was true at all to recognizing her testimony. Janet is doing awesome. She said to me" yeah, I have a testimony. It's small right now but I have one". YES! Wow. The work has been going so awesome the Lord has been blessing Daya to the maximum and I'm so grateful to help out with it.

Elder Funk talked to us last week. So inspiring! Revelation upon revelation. The heavens are NOT closed in any way. God SPEAKETHS! It was so awesome about working with members and just have the spirit in teaching.

So fun so we did a Thanksgiving party (picture one: stuffing) and I made pumpkin pie (they LOVED it) and stuffing. So good. It was a hit. So many families and ward members there. So great.

Oh ps I'm training. This Friday I'll get my little baby and I'll hit my 9 month mark! What?! So fitting right?

Miracle sisters. We met a 9 and 11 year old on the road. They came to the Thanksgiving party. Then church. Meeting today with their mom. Quoted the bible to me and said she wants to learn about this church because you can pray to god. WHOA. What an angel. I was a little against teaching young kids a little bit ago but one talk I forget who gave it talked in last conference it'd be a pity to think children can't feel the spirit and be inspirited by Him. Yep. Changed the way I thought. Can't wait to see what's in store. I'm not living up to my Utah blood. I'm COLD IN TAIWAN? I don't know how. Thanks for sending Christmas present love my way.

I love you all so much.

Love you all

Sister Burr
On the farm

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