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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hey Beloveds,

Christmas is coming. Yes! Can we just take a moment and remember when I dragged Dad, Missy and Alex to Christmas mid-night mass last year? Wow. Thanks so much for entertaining my crazy ideas. It doesn't even feel like Christmas here, but then sometimes it hits me that, oh in a few days it's coming. I love it.

So this week was great. Janet got baptized. She scared me before because she said she wasn't sure if this was God's one true church. Yikes! I never wanted to help someone get baptized if they weren't quite ready and so that worried me but I asked her why she wanted to be baptized and she told us to obey and worship God. And that she hopes this is his only true church. After talking with her it felt a lot better and I realized you know getting baptized is an act of faith for her right now and it really was. After she was baptized I asked her how she thought she felt compared to before and she said her faith felt stronger. So awesome it really is through our actions that we build faith.

We did caroling yesterday with the ward! It was so fun! We drove in cars and just stopped at three different houses. Last Thursday we had our mission Christmas party and went to Sun Moon Lake. It was so foggy we couldn't see the lake but it was so nice to see missionaries I hadn't seen in 7 months! It was crazy to see how the time just went.

Can't wait to Skype you all. It still feels like I was just Skyping you all for Mother's day. Hey, so how are you celebrating CHRISTmas? Huh? In personal study I was doing the Christ-like attribute activity with faith. I was planning on going through all nice questions but just got stuck pondering on the first one. It asks you to assess if you believe in Christ and ACCEPT him as our Savior. I really thought about that and what it meant to really accept the Savior. Accept (according to the sweet-old-smelling-smell-that-i-love Webster's dictionary that I have) means to receive with consent or agreement; to make a favorable response to; to recognize as true. Wow just grab one of those definitions and stick it to where accept is and its good stuff to ponder. Do we really accept Christ as he is? He accepts us as we are. I think of Mosiah 14 and how the Jews and everyone rejected him because he was just a humbly born. I just makes me wonder, well what were they looking for in a Savior. What are we personally looking for in a Savior? What are we thinking will bring us happiness? Money, fame, accomplishments all that jazz or peace of mind, family, fulfillment.  It said that he wasn't desirable which is so ironic because a good relationship with him and god is ALL I desire for my sweet investigators and personally. He is so kind. So loving and so WILLING to help us and constantly in the scriptures invites us to "come unto him" but it's just so easy. It's too good to be true! But it is true. The way is simple. It's to come unto Christ and give him our all. Our everything. The way is simple and clear, but it's not easy. I've seen my investigators the way they had to sacrifice so much especially pertaining to family, but in the end it's a blessing. I really want to accept Christ in his all and I feel like the best way is to accept his help. Accept his atonement, his gospel, and his love to help us. I know so much and so deeply that he is our Savior and without his sacrifice, help, and love we can do life but we are living below what it could really be. Sweet beloveds, I can't wait to talk to you in what 3 days?

Love you so much
Sister Burr
Janet got baptized this week! Yes! And then that tall girl is
another investigator.

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