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Monday, December 9, 2013


My Sweet Family,

What a wonderful week. I'm so glad Mom is all done! She's a working angel. Hopefully she will sleep now.  This week was packed, packed with so much. So, Wednesday was our English Class Christmas party. SO AWESOME! I found a Santa suit for 7 USD and so I had to buy it and Elder Morgan put it on. He was the grumpiest Santa I had ever seen. It was funny. The students did a talent show and I sang “Away in A Manger”. It went so well! We had 90 people there and everyone had a lot of fun. I love planning parties. I'm still the same though.  Running around making sure everything is in order and hardly delegating. I need to delegate more, but I'm learning.

Speaking of learning I'm also learning how to train! It's basically like any other companionship. My trainee is awesome. She is willing and ready. Her first full day she gave out a baptismal invite (and the sweet Sister Xie accepted it) and she did her first phone call, all while being jet-lagged. She's Sister Rohlfing. Alex, I think you knew her. She knew you. Brother babe. Just go to lds.org and type in Song of the Heart.  That youth video is her. She's an angel. 

This week is on fire again! Liao JM is getting baptized! She's set to go and so awesome. Had some questions about the gold plates in her interview. The sweet people I’ve been lucky enough to teach just love learning. Hopefully we can get her family there. I might make invites she can hand out to people. Janet is well on her way with a testimony. She loved the Law of Chastity. She said God gave it to us to protect us. You got it! And she is praying for her Mom's heart to soften and is talking to her Mom to come to church just to check it out. Penelope is still her. She's so dang stubborn. If only we could help her turn her stubbornness to be set in the gospel. She's opening up more and more. We met with her and she doesn't want baptism AGAIN but it's just because she’s not ready quite yet. She's getting there slowly. We're still trying to help her see how God is her loving Heavenly Father.  Pray for her please? Pray that she will accept God's love and recognize it. He's giving it to her but she's not accepting it.

Wow! I love this work. I love these people. More than anything I'm thankful for the Spirit. Lessons are so powerful when we acknowledge the role of the spirit and invite investigators to notice the feelings and thoughts during lessons. Elder Funk said when we testify of the restoration or Christ, the spirit comes stronger than ever. How true that is.

Hey, what are you all doing for Christmas? Thinking of Christ? I sure hope so. It's awesome to be on a mission during Christmas season because there's not the distraction of Santa and gifts. You can really just focus on the birth (according to the Christian world) or our individual and world's Savior.
Sweet ones, I love you so much! Thank you for all you sent me and the love and support. I remember in my setting apart, the Stake President blessed me to feel the prayers and love of my loved ones and those prayers for me. Man I have felt it. Thanks a million. You’re one in a million. You’re shining stars.

Love you
Sister Burr
Christmas Party
My Trainee
Penelope and Sister Park and I at Dong Hai College
We only sleep on the bus

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