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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Comes Quick

Hey Beloveds, 
Mom, Happy Birthday! How was it? No master's project, so relaxing I hope. You're an angel. Thanks for all you've sent me. Here is a big birthday hug and kiss {} and ;* right? Is that how you do those icons? Long time no text.

Thanks for all you have sent me and all the love and thoughts you've given me. Wow. This Christmas season. How are you spending it? Can you send me pictures of snow PLEASE? Maybe a Christmas tree or two too? Also, any good quick holiday ideas/crafts I can do to give back to the ward huh? Oh the neighborhood goodies! The Krimey's always give such good sweets.
Wow! Let’s talk about this week shall we. Liao JM. She is the 23-year old whose mom passed away this year. Wow. My heart. I am so grateful that I was able to meet her and guide her along to better know our sweet loving Heavenly Father. What a gift! I was able to teach her from the very start and just yesterday, she helped me peike (help teach) while I did splits with my companion (she's so brave. The first week and she was willing do split off). Wow. There were some weeks I was so worried. I thought yikes she's not answering our phone calls or I wasn't sure if she was really feeling it, but at her baptism and the day before she gave the sweetest experience and testimony. She said that every day she doesn't want to wake up and go to work because it's early and cold but she prays and asks God to help her out because she knows God wants her to learn and this life is about learning and doing what God needs to do so the whole way to work she just prays that she can be warm and that the Lord will be with her through the day. Oh man. What a joy. She gets it. That's how God's relationship is with us. We can ask Him and tell him anything. He wants our hearts to be drawn out to him in all things. Wow. THEN she helped peike Penelope's lesson. Our sweet little Penelope. Man. Penelope is still working on her relationship with God. I feel everything about a testimony and the gospel can be brought back to the glorious doctrine that we are God's literal spirit children. During the lesson we were reading Mosiah 4 and Liao JM just bore testimony of Christ and God and explained our intimate relationship with them and wow oh wow I was so grateful to be able to hear her testimony. Penelope is still a work in progress, but I know through faith, love, prayer, and work that miracles can happen with her. She is slowly coming. I really hope we can just continue to help her see how to gain a testimony and how to find God so that when she's READY to do it HERSELF she will come to God and Christ. I love missionary work.
We are having a baptism for Janet this Friday! I'm so pumped. Not to pick favorites, but I really love her. Her lessons usually go an hour because I just love talking gospel with her. She is really looking for answers and is so sincere and just innocent in a way. She's 31 and no Christian background. We have been meeting for about two months now. THEN on Thursday we have our Mission Christmas party and on SATURDAY our ward party. This week is looking so wonderful.

I feel like the theme of the mission lately for me has been faith. We rely on faith in this life. I've come to see how God's power and Christ's love can really be unlocked by faith. The help is there, but we just need to come to them and act. Faith and acting on faith is the key that unlocks all the miracles and blessings we are really looking for. Really.
I love you all so much. Don't forget our sweet Savior in the commercialism of Christmas!! We've been going to member's houses and sharing/singing the Christmas story. It has been so fun!

Okay, love you all and skype you all next week.
Sister Burr
Our sweet, sweet Peggy (Liao JM) made her first covenants this last week!
The sweet Elders bought her a pineapple. THANK GOODNESS! Pineapples are like gold here.

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